Al Kabeer Group

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Al Kabeer Group is involved in the production of a varied range of food products which are of best quality and absolutely fresh. Meat products, seafood products, vegetarian products and ready-to-eat meals are some of the major products manufactured by Al Kabeer Group. The company produces almost 300 products and distributes them to more than 8000 outlets worldwide.

An Overview of Al Kabeer Group-

Al Kabeer Group is one of the leading players in the food industry for over 25 years in India. It has units in more than ten countries around the world.

The company has honed its skills in manufacturing various food products which are not only sold in the domestic market but are also exported to a large number of overseas countries. Al Kabeer Group boasts of supplying more than 300 products to over 8000 outlets spread all over the world. The company is known to be a multi-dimensional business empire with several processing units and multi-product businesses along with offices.

Al Kabeer Group is absolutely uncompromising with the quality of the products manufactured. It offers the freshest and the best quality of meat, fish, herbs and spices to its customers. The company has set up a number of units across the globe which works diligently in ensuring the finest quality of raw materials which is the base of every product. These raw materials are then tested in the laboratory of the company which is highly modernized and well-equipped .Thereafter; these raw materials are sent for manufacturing.

Al Kabeer Group has set up a range of processing units which processes each and every product quite strictly as the processing units of the company maintain a world-class standard and are well-accoutered with the most advanced machinery. The units are approved by the EEC, The United States Armed Forces and the Australian Quarantine Board. The products follow the Halal regulations.

Products Manufactured by Al Kabeer Group-

The only factor considered or rather emphasized upon by the group while manufacturing its products is superior quality. Al Kabeer Group offers a variety of products such as meat products, seafood products, vegetarian products and ready-to-eat meals. The processed and frozen foods are exported heavily to the markets in Middle East.

Some of the major products of Al Kabeer Group are:-
  • Snacks Corner
  • Kids Corner
  • Sea Food
  • Raw Meat
  • Ready-to-eat Meals
  • Vegetables and Fruits