Banking terms beginning with S

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The Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (Sarfesi) Act was introduced to offer an organized platform to the banking industry so that it can manage its increasing NPA stocks and also match the pace of foreign financial institutions.

This act enables financial institutions as well as banks to acquire securities and deal in them. With the help of this act, the financial institutions as well as the banks can actualize the long-term assets and deal with the issues of liquidity. They can look for the mismatch in asset-liability and also get hold of their securities to better recovery. This act enables them to sell securities and bring down the number of Non Performing Assets (NPAs).


A savings account holder of a particular bank can carry out his/her banking transactions on daily basis. Mostly, these accounts are accessed for non-commercial purposes. Savings account helps is money withdrawal and cash or cheque deposits. A savings account user gets an easy access to ATM, mobile banking as well as internet banking.


A secured loan is that against which the lender receives some sort of security from the borrower. Home loan is considered to be the simplest form of this type of loan. The interest rate on secured loans is less than the ones charged in case of unsecured loans.


The Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) is a metric which enables the banks to know the minimum deposit percentage such as of cash, gold or any other form of security they need to maintain. It helps in controlling the credit growth in nation.