Banking terms beginning with U

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Umbrella Fund:

It is an investment phrase which is used to explain a combined investment policy presented in a form of one legal entity but incorporates many discrete sub-subsidizes which are sold as personal investment funds.


A legal entity which governs the unrestricted issuance and allocation of securities from a conglomerate or other issuing entity is known as an Underwriter. Such kind of entity works in association with the issuing entity to verify the submission cost of the securities. It purchases securities from the issuing entity and trades them to depositors through the underwriter's allocation channel.

Uninsured Deposit:

Uninsured Deposits are not covered against losses. They generate greater interest rate due to absence of cover and the buyer undertakes all risks.

Unit of Trading:

It refers to the usual quantity of shares, debentures, goods, equities that incorporates the lowest unit of buying and selling on an exchange.

Unit Trusts:

A non-integrated mutual fund organization that permits accounts to possess assets and exceed gains via the account holders, other than investing them again into the account.

Universal Stock Futures:

An assortment of consistent futures agreements on the shares of respective firms is known as Universal Stock Futures. The futures agreement is an accord between the purchaser and the vendor to purchase or trade an allocated number of shares during any time in the future at a pre-decided cost. The agreement is signed with a cash payment, which indicates that the stocks are not entitled to be distributed.

Unsecured loan

A typical example of an unsecured loan is a personal loan. The bank, in most cases, will not ask for security to back personal loan. But you need to pay a very high rate of interest on these loans.

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