Employee's State Insurance Corporation

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Employee's State Insurance Corporation- Overview

The Employee's State Insurance Corporation is responsible for operating the Employee's State Insurance Scheme of India, which can be described as a system for social security with several dimensions. This program has been created in such a way that workers in India and ones dependent on them can be provided proper protection at the socio-economic level.

This program provides complete medical care for the insured as well as the dependent from the very first day when an individual is regarded as an insured employee. The dependents are provided similar facilities.

The ones insured under this program are liable to be provided a wide range of monetary benefits if they experience physical problems owing to any of the following:
  • Sickness
  • Permanent disability
  • Temporary disability

The benefits are provided in case the insured loses his or her capability to earn owing to any of the above mentioned situations. Financial benefits are also provided to the dependants if an insured passes away due to an industrial accident or if he or she suffers some injury while working. This is primarily a monthly pension and is referred to as dependants benefit.

The Employee's State Insurance Scheme is operated by the organization as per the following acts:
  • Employee's State Insurance Act 1948
  • Employee's State Insurance (General) Regulations, 1950
  • Employee's State Insurance (Central) Rules, 1950
Following are some key details related to the organization:
  • Operating in 29 states and union territories
  • 33 ESIC hospitals
  • 790 centers
  • Associated with 117 state government hospitals
  • 1.54 crores employees
  • 36 ESIC dispensaries
  • 24.88 lakhs insured women
  • Associated with 1367 state government dispensaries
  • 6.02 crores beneficiaries
  • 93 ISM units
  • 4.43 lakhs employers

Employee's State Insurance Corporation Officers

Following are the officers who handle the Right to Information queries directed at the organization:
Name Designation
BK Sahu (Insurance Commissioner) Appellate Authority (Hqrs) (Every division with the exception of the Medical Division)
SK Garg (Additional Commissioner) Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) (Hqrs)
Dr. SR Chauhan (Medical Commissioner) Appellate Authority Medical Administration - Hqrs
Jose Cherian Transparency Officer

Employee's State Insurance Scheme

The Employee's State Insurance Scheme or ESIC provides a wide range of benefits as stated in the Section 46 of the Employee's State Insurance Act 1948:
  • Medical benefit
  • Disablement benefit
  • Sickness benefit
  • Dependant's benefit
  • Maternity benefit
  • Additional benefits such as confinement and funeral expenses
The program also provides other benefits such as:
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana (Unemployment Allowance)
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Incentive for private sector employers to recruit specially-abled people
  • Medical care in old age
  • Medical care for retired IPs

Employee's State Insurance Corporation Achievements

Following are some of the accomplishments of the Employee's State Insurance Corporation in the last 3 years:

Achievements in terms of coverage

  • Wage limit for covering employees as per the ESI Act increased from INR 10 thousand from May 1, 2010 onwards
  • Covered 1.55 crore people in 2010-11
  • Covered 4.43 lakh establishments and factories in 2010-11 as opposed to 3.9 lakhs during 2008-09
  • ESI scheme is now available to educational and medical institutions in majority of the states
  • Scheme increased to 68 locations during 2010-11 as opposed to 46 in 2009-10
  • Covered 6.02 crore beneficiaries in 2010-11 as against 5.03 crores in 2008-09
  • Revenue went up to INR 6980.61 crores during 2010-11
  • Coverage extended to professionals working in the film and television industries - includes production houses, sets, and studios

Achievements in terms of medical care services

  • Medical benefit expenses went up to INR 2123.67 crores in 2010-11 from the 2008-09 figure of INR 1123.22 crores
  • In 2011 the hospitals saw 4.05 lakh admissions. There were 20.70 lakh cases of special investigation and 52,943 special visits in that period
  • From April 1, 2012 onwards the upper limit for compensation to states has been taken up to INR 1500 for every IP family. The previous amount was 1200 rupees
  • ESI Corporation has model hospitals in 18 states
  • Approximately 2 crore outpatients received treatment at the ESI operated hospitals during 2010-11
  • ESIC has started a dental college at Rohini, Delhi, and a Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences & Research at Bangalore. 29 medical institutions including medical, dental, and nursing colleges, training schools, and post graduate institutions are also being planned
  • Medical set-ups operating under the aegis of the ESI scheme have almost 35,000 paramedical and additional staff and around 7000 medical professionals.

Employee's State Insurance Corporation Future Plans

The ESI Corporation is planning to provide secondary and primary healthcare facilities straightaway by itself. These facilities will be provided at areas where there are more than 5000 IPs and where there are no dispensaries in an 8 kilometer range and the number of IPs is 25,000.

In case of hilly areas these figures will come down to 5 km and 15 thousand. These benefits will also be available if there are no hospitals in 25 kilometers. The facilities will be made available till a hospital is set up by either the ESIC or the state government.

From now on patients will be able to access super specialty at any of the 700 and more hospitals that are part of the ESIC network. These facilities are available throughout India and the expenses in this case will be paid by the ESIC. This would cover critical treatments such as:
  • Liver and kidney transplant
  • Cochlear implant
  • Heart treatment
  • Joint replacement
ESI Corporation shall also look to employ top organizations to rank its dispensaries and hospitals and this includes ISO certification as well. It is also planning to set up a super specialty hospital each in 4 zones. As of now the ones for the southern zone has been commissioned and the chosen location is Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad.

Employee's State Insurance Corporation Improvements and Upgradations

The ESI Corporation has instituted Hospital Development Committees that have been given enough financial and administrative power to make sure that they can take the decisions necessary to develop the healthcare arrangements at the ESI hospitals.

In the previous 3 years the organization has employed approximately 800 paramedical officials and 1500 doctors and medical professionals. It has decided to initiate a process for phase by phase improvement of the hospitals and take them to the state of the art level.

The organization is also setting up CT scan and MRI equipment along with other advanced technological instruments at its Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai hospitals. It is also operating 118 projects for modernizing and setting up offices and hospitals.

Employee's State Insurance Corporation Financial Information

Income details
Year Contribution income in INR crores
2009-10 3896.00
2010-11 5748.77
2011-12 6436.44

Expenditure details
Year Cash benefits Administrative expenditure Medical benefits
2009-10 426.93 504.36 1626.93
2010-11 495.56 524.20 2123.67
2011-12 621.00 724.00 3008.00

Revenue recovery details
Year Revenue recovery in INR crores
2009-10 121.98
2010-11 115.61
2011-12 132.26

Employee's State Insurance Corporation Contact Details

Following are the contact details of the ESI Corporation headquarters:

Employees' State Insurance Corporation
Panchdeep Bhawan
Comrade Inderjeet Gupta (CIG) Marg,
New Delhi - 110 002

Telephone numbers: 011-23234092, 23234093, 23234098, 23235496, 23236051, 23235187, 23236998 (EPABX)

Fax: 011-23235481, 23234537

Toll free number: 1800-11-2526

E-mail addresses:

[email protected], [email protected] (grievances/suggestions)
[email protected] (general issues)
[email protected] (IT related issues)

Last Updated on 09/04/2012

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