Citi Mortgage

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Citi Mortgage is one of the leading mortgage providing company. The Citi Mortgage concentrates on providing home loans to customers wanting to be home owners. The Citi Mortgage is has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri and the company is a very important division of the Citi group. The Citi Mortgage focuses on providing the customers with very high quality mortgage products which is a part of the grand listing of financial services such as insurance, credit cards, banking, asset management, etc. The Citi Mortgage also provides first time home buyers and customers building a new home with valuable tailor made solutions. The products offered by the Citi Mortgage are specially created matching the requirements of the customers.

Strategic focus of the Citi Mortgage

  • To maintain a strong financial record
  • To put emphasize on the quality of credit
  • To focus on cost management and gains
  • To provide the best customer services
  • To maintain a dedicated and skilled work force

Refinancing under Citi Mortgage

  • Refinancing of mortgage is mainly done in order to grab the vantage of low rates interest for saving the cost of mortgage. The benefits of refinancing are
  • Reduction in the total sum of interest customer pays throughout his life for his loan
  • Reduction in the sum of the monthly payments of the customer
  • Reduction in the term period of the loans so the customer may payoff their loan faster

Refinancing options under Citi Mortgage

  • To understand all the possibilities before the consideration of refinancing as the Citi Mortgage a wide range of flexible refinance schemes
  • To have the option of rolling of closing costs in the loans which allow the
  • customers to refinance the loan with zero or minimum cash required at the time of closing
  • To change the type of loan which adjusts the rate of interest

Citi Mortgage Home Equity products

Home Equity products offered by the Citi Mortgage are the cheapest, smartest, and easiest methods of getting access to the funds required for the requirement of the customers. The different options provided by the Citi Mortgage Home Equity products.

  • Home improvements
  • Debt consolidation
  • Investment or vacation home purchases
  • Emergency cash fund
  • Education expenses
  • Other large ticket items

Loans offered by the Citi Mortgage

Proper kind of loans make the mortgages easier to manage and may fulfill the requirements better. The Citi Mortgage offers a wide range of loans to choose from according to the requirements of the customers.
  • Fixed rate loans
  • Adjustable rate loans (ARMs)
  • FHA & VA Loans
  • Community Lending Programs

Last Updated on 5/26/2011