Suntrust Mortgage

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The Suntrust Mortgage is an fully owned ancillary of the SunTrust Bank located in several places in the United States of America. The Suntrust Mortgage has a servicing portfolio of $ 150.5 billion. The loans created amounts to $ 24.7 billion and $ 8.1 billion is purchased. Suntrust Mortgage has nearly 301 investors, and 11,724 brokers. The Suntrust Mortgage operates from 214 different location such as District of Columbia, South Carolina, Maryland, Alabama, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, etc. and provides services to all 50 states. The work force of the company consists of 4,443 personnels and there 1,394 correspondents attached to the Suntrust Mortgage. The main function of the company is to provide the customers with larger value for money and create wealth for the stakeholders.

The management body of the Suntrust Mortgage
  • Sterling Edmunds, Junior CMB, President and CEO
  • Robert S. Reynolds, EVP and chief administration officer
  • Glenn A. Carter, EVP and mid Atlantic group manager (VA, MD, DC, OFP)
  • James G. Carter, EVP and national correspondent division manager
  • David Conners, SVP and senior financial officer
  • Dean Driskill, EVP and mid Atlantic group manager (NC, SC)
  • Alex Jacobs, EV and national wholesale division manager
  • Katie Jones, SVP and senior human resource relationship manager
  • Elaine Lee, SVP and national retail operations manager
  • Dan Massey, SVP and transformation manager
  • Scott Maxwell, EVP and Florida group manager
  • Cheryl A. Nolda, EVP and marketing director
  • Anthony "Tuck" Reed, EVP and head of capital markets
  • Dave Robinson, SVP and builder services
  • Niki Scott, EVP and central group manager
  • Martha R. Simmons, EVP and national retail production manager
  • Marvin Watts, EVP and operations and servicing manager
  • Peter Wyman, SVP and delivery group manager

Strategic interest of the Suntrust Mortgage

  • To maintain a strong financial record
  • To put emphasize on the quality of credit
  • To focus on cost management and gains
  • To provide the best customer services
  • To maintain a dedicated and skilled work force

Products offered by the Suntrust Mortgage

  • Fixed Rate

    • ARM Alternative
    • 10-40 Year Fixed Rate
    • Balloon Mortgage

  • Adjustable Rate

    • One-Year LIBOR ARM
    • Six-Month LIBOR ARM
    • Intermediate LIBOR ARM

  • Affordable Housing

    • Community Choice Products
    • Flex 97%
    • Rural Housing Program
    • Gift Fund Programs
    • Community Home buyer 3/2

  • Jumbo

    • One-Year LIBOR ARM
    • 10-30 Year Fixed Rate
    • Six-Month LIBOR ARM
  • Mortgages for Special Needs

    • Suntrust combo both 1st and 2nd mortgages
    • Lot loan modification to construction perm
    • Construction permanent loans
    • Suntrust equity line
    • Lot loans
    • No ratio program
    • No income verification program
    • Foreign National and NPRA eligibility
    • No Doc program
    • Alternate documentation

  • Mortgage Calculator

  • Last Updated on 5/26/2011