Employment Generation by Indian Organized Retail Sector

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Lots of employment generation by Indian Organized Retail Sector in the near future.

India is going through a radical economic change. Though it is very infant stage, people can feel the climate is changing. The unorganized retailers takes the lion's share in the Indian retail sector, but the organized retailers are growing at a good pace, and promises an increase of proportion of 9 - 10% by 2010. This is to be the largest sector after the agricultural sector.

The increase in the number of consumers twinned with the introduction of organized sector has brought numerous corporate investments in retail sector. The entry of super markets, enormous departmental stores, and shopping malls have encouraged the retailers to look at new business plans of expansion.

An economic growth on a monumental scale is offered by the Indian retail sector, equally in the national and international market which in turn will generate a huge source of employment and a variety of options for the consumers. The Ernst & Young's report 'The Great Indian Retail Story', anticipates that the Indian retail sector would come up with 2 million employment opportunities within the year 2010.

Benefits to the economic growth:-
  • Better quality products and services would lead to better competition

  • More exports bring more foreign direct investments

  • Organized Indian retail sector would encourage tourism

  • Along with the employment boom there would be a vast development in the expertise of the human resource

  • There would remain future scope for improvements in agriculture, small, and medium scaled with the help of the Indian retail sector
The present employment in the retail business is nearly 4 crores and around 20 crores depends on this sector. There is a scope of better exposure to the international standards with the entry of transnational companies, which in turn is encouraging more & more retail management programs to open up and help bridging the gap of supply & demand of talented professionals for management.