India Heavy Vehicle Companies

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Heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs) form an indispensable part of the Indian automobile industry. Over the years, Indian market has witnessed the launch of many HCVs from different manufacturers and designs dominating the Indian roads. The requirement and demand for HCVs in India is escalating with every passing day considering the growing pace of the nation's fiscal expansion. This has indirectly given rise to various India Heavy Vehicle Companies that satisfy the needs of the volatile Indian market with their innovative designs and advanced technology.

Top Heavy Vehicle Companies in India

Tata Motors: Tata Motors is the largest automobile manufacturing company in India that manufacture a wide range of heavy vehicles adhering to world class standards. It is the market leader in commercial vehicles in all the segments be it heavy vehicle, medium sized vehicles, small vehicles, buses or defense vehicles. The heavy vehicles manufactured by Tata Motors have highly developed braking structure, high ground authorization, better direction competence and a muscular body. The advanced engine imparted to these heavy vehicles makes them a class apart from the other heavy vehicles running on Indian roads and highways. The total revenue earned by Tata Motors in the year 2009 was `.70, 938.85 crores.

Heavy vehicles manufactured by Tata Motors

The major Heavy vehicles manufactured by Tata Motors are:

Tata Motors Buses
  • Starbus
  • Globus
  • SFC 407 Turbo Mini- bus
  • LP 407 Turbo Mini- bus
  • LP 709 E Turbo Bus
  • LPO 1510 CGS bus (CNG bus)
  • LP / LPO 1510
  • LP / LPO 1512 TC Turbo Bus
  • LP / LPO 1512 TC Turbo Bus
  • LPO 1610 TC RE Semi Low Floor Bharat Stage - II Bus
  • LPO 1616 TC Luxury Bharat Stage - II Bus
  • LP 1109 Bharat Stage II
Tata Motors Utility Vehicles
  • Safari Dicor
  • Sumo Grande
  • Sumo Victa
  • Xenon Xt
Ashok Leyland: Ashok Leyland is an exclusively heavy vehicle manufacturing company situated in Chennai and was initiated in the year 1948. It is one of India's biggest producers of heavy vehicles such as such as trucks, buses, military vehicles and also the second biggest commercial vehicle firm in India heavy vehicle division with a market share of around 27%. Ashok Leyland is also renowned for producing auto spare parts and engines for marine and industrial submission. It transacts around 55,000 heavy vehicles and 8,000 engines every year. Ashok Leyland registered a net profit of ` 190 crores in the FY 2009.

Heavy vehicles manufactured by Ashok Leyland

The major Heavy vehicles manufactured by Ashok Leyland are:
  • Cargo 1512,
  • Cargo 1614,
  • Hippo Tipper,
  • Hippo Haulage,
  • Coal Carrier,
  • Taurus Tipper,
  • Titan Double Decker,
  • Cruiser Luxury Coach,
  • Viking/ Cheetah and
  • Viking Super (CNG)
Eicher Motors: The first firm to manufacture the first tractor in India, Eicher motors was initiated in 3rd September, 1960. The indigenously manufactured tractor was introduced in the Indian market straight from Eicher's Faridabad factory. The history of the firm can be traced back to 1948, when Goodearth Company was established for vending and repairs of imported tractors in the nation.

Heavy vehicles manufactured by Eicher Motors

The major Heavy vehicles manufactured by Eicher Motors are:
Eicher Motors Trucks
  • Eicher 10.50
  • Eicher 10.59
  • Eicher 10.75
  • Eicher 10.90
  • Eicher 11.10
  • EIcher Jumbo 20.16
  • Eicher Galaxy 30.25
Eicher Motors Buses
  • Eicher Skyline Bus
  • Eicher School Bus
  • Eicher Cruiser
  • Eicher Skyline CNG
Swaraj Mazda: a tie up between Mazda and Swaraj Enterprise, Swaraj Mazda represents advanced Indian expertise and manufacturing. The firm has a research and development improvement edge on international scale. The firm manufactures various products such as Bus, Ambulance, Trucks, etc.

Heavy vehicles manufactured by Swaraj Mazda

The major Heavy vehicles manufactured by Swaraj Mazda are:

Swaraj Mazda Ambulance
  • T3500/WT48D
Swaraj Mazda Buses
  • WT-48
  • WR50
  • WT-50LWB
  • WV-26
Swaraj MazdaTruck
  • WV26-SNG
  • WT49NG SHD
  • ZT54ESNG A
  • ZT54 NG ALWB
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