Automotive Grade Urea

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The association of urea producers has formed an organization called the automotive grade urea (AGU). This grade of automotive urea has been set up in order to see to it, that DIN 70070 grade solution of urea is used responsibly. With the use of this grade DIN 70070 urea solution, the automotive grade urea hopes to reduce from diesel vehicles the emission levels.

The urea automotive grade's aim is to meet the emission levels that have been set up by the pollution board. This association of automotive grade urea wants to actively promote the use of this fuel which is a solution of urea in order to bring down the emission levels from vehicles in the country. That is the reason that it encourages co operation which is constructive among the people of the country which includes the industry, general public, NGOs, legislators, and regulators.

By generating awareness among the people, the urea of automotive grade hopes that the use of DIN 70070 solution of urea will increase. The greatest benefit that will come out of this is that the emission levels of poisonous gases from vehicles will come down sharply and this will improve the quality of air which right now is full with poisonous gases.

That the use of urea solution of grade DIN 70070 becomes popular, the automotive grade urea is trying to develop a manual that will provide guidance. This manual will inform about the various technical requirements that are needed for the production of the urea solution grade DIN 70070. It will also give the guidelines for the storage and the distribution of this solution.

The automotive grade urea association has tried to make popular the use of the urea solution of the grade DIN 70070. But there is a long way to go before the urea automotive grade achieves satisfactory levels of success. Further, the automotive grade urea sector will have to ensure high production standards in order to ensure that our environment will be free of poisonous gases.

Last Updated on 13 December 2011