India Truck Industry

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India Truck Industry, also known as Road Goods Transport Industry (RGTI) or Indian trucking industry, has played a major role in the Indian trade and commerce for the decades. Along with railways, Indian truck industry has also played an instrumental role in moving goods form one part of the country to another. From 1950-51 to 1990-91, the truck industry in India has seen a growth rate of 7.2%. Currently, there are more than 1300 trucks per million population, whereas the utilization of trucks is more than 70,000 kms per annum.

The reason behind the success of India truck industry is the added advantages of road transport over the railways. Trucks can accept goods in small quantities, can reach rural and hill areas, and also require less time than the rail for loading and unloading of goods. As a result, India truck industry cemented its place in goods transportation. With passage of time, truck industry in India has involved a good number of Indian automobile giants including Tata Motors, Hindustan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra, Force Motors, Swaraj Maza, Eicher etc.

Profit and Profitability

Following are some of the factors that prove to be vital in profitability of truck operations:
  • Fuel Prices
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Freight Trips
  • Other Operating Costs
Following are the ways that truck operators take to optimize the profits:
  • Overloading the vehicles in general
  • Maintaining a suitable vehicle mix according to the vehicle's payload capacity

Types of Trucks in India

The trucks can be classified into several sub-categories depending upon their size and purpose of use. Following are types of trucks that one can find in the India truck industry:
  • Haulage
  • Rigid Trucks
  • Tippers
  • Cabs
  • Delivery Vans
  • Trailers

Truck Manufacturers in India

There are a number of companies that manufacture trucks in India with different models. Following are some of the most well-known truck manufacturers in India and their models:
  • Ashok Leyland
    • Haulage
      • 4X2 Haulage Models
      • Multiaxle Vehicles
      • Hippo Haulage
      • Beaver Haulage
    • Tippers
      • Hippo Tipper
      • Stallion Mk III Tipper
    • Rigid Trucks
      • Beaver Tractor
      • Hippo Tractor
      • Ecomet
  • Hindustan Motors Ltd.
    • Rigid Trucks
      • Mascot T-480 FC
      • Pick-up
      • Cargo
      • Porter Plus
    • Force Motors
      • Haulage
        • CLA 40.280
        • CLA 49.280
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
    • Cabs
      • Pick-up Range
      • Hard Top Range
      • LCV Range
    • Delivery Van
      • Mahindra Voyager Delivery Van
  • Tata Motors
    • Rigid Trucks
      • World Trucks
      • Tata Ace
      • Rigid Trucks
      • Tata Novus
    • Pic-Up
      • Tata Xenon XT
  • Swaraj Mazda
    • Rigid Trucks
      • Sartaj V W 26-S
      • Premium Truck
      • Swaraj 4 Wheel Drive
    • Applications
      • Super ZT54
      • Swaraj Mazda Water Tank
  • Volvo
    • Rigid Trucks
      • Volvo FM
      • Volvo FH
    • Tippers
      • Volvo FM9 Tippers

Problems in India Truck Industry

The global economic slow down has had a great impact on the India truck industry. As the price of raw materials for the industry has soared up, it has resulted in price hikes for Indian trucks. Tata Motors had to raise its truck prices by an average of 3.5%, which affected the demands.

India truck industry also had to face problems during the energy crisis in 2003-08, which led to rise in automotive fuel prices. It resulted in diminishing demand for trucks with low-fuel efficiency. The poor road infrastructure in India has also caused huge problems for the Indian truck industry as many prefer to choose railways over road transports for moving goods within the country.