Handicraft Industry in India

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The concept of Indian Handicrafts has emerged from one of the oldest civilizations called the Harrappan Civilization and the Indus Valley Civilization. The exclusive items carved by the India Handicraft Industry comprise of vast cultural and ethnic diversity that has imbibed an array of unique themes, techniques, and crafts. India Handicraft Industry has been globally popularized as the rich and cultural heritage of India for its unique appeal. Handicrafts of India use brass, metal, wood, stone, and beads to carve its products ranging from masterpieces to plain household items.

Paintings, furniture, sculptures, artificial jewelry, animal figures, figurines of deities and idols, baskets, and many more items have been complimented as the pride of India.

Besides, trading in the local markets, Indian handicrafts are also exported across the globe. Each work of art reflects the adroitness and emotions of the craftsmen which have made the work more close to heart apart from being an exclusive show piece.

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Last Updated on June 26, 2015