Department of Disinvestment

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The Department of Disinvestment is one such department in the Ministry of Finance, which has no subordinates under its governing body. The department of disinvestment is regulated by the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961. The major responsibilities entrusted to the department of disinvestment include matters related to disinvestment of central government assets, decisions on the recommendations in terms of the disinvestment patterns, implementing the decisions regarding withdrawal terms, commissions involved in disinvestment, and activities related to the central public sector.

Functions of Department of Disinvestment
  • The department of disinvestment is responsible for all the disinvestment matters of Central Government assets that comes from the projects of Central Public Sector
  • The department of disinvestment gives suggestions on the recommendations of the disinvestment commission on various withdrawal patterns
  • The department of disinvestment implements the decisions of disinvestment which include pricing of the shares, recruiting the persons in authority, and also other terms and conditions with respect to disinvestment matters
  • The department of disinvestment evaluates various undertakings from Central Public Sector in terms of withdrawal of government equity
  • The department of disinvestment works in collaboration with the Disinvestment Commission

Duties of the members of Department of Disinvestment

  • The officers and employees working under Department of Disinvestment do not yield to any legal duties
  • It follows the already established procedures under the Government of India and obtain approval of the governing body of the department of disinvestment
  • The officers and employees in the department of disinvestment enjoy similar power in terms of running personnel administration as the ministries of central government
  • The employees and officers of the department of disinvestment works in association with the disinvestment commission
  • Disinvestment of government equity is based on activities by central public sector

Department of Disinvestment- the inside story

The officers of the department execute all the undertakings inside the department of disinvestment. The officers at section level through the traditional system carry out the housekeeping activities of the department of disinvestment. The Standing Committee of Parliament on Finance governs the budget and other related functions of the government inclusive of decisions made by the Comptroller and the Auditor General of India.

Contact Details of the Department of Disinvestment

Department of Disinvestment
Blocks Nos. 11 and 14
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi.