Department of Expenditure

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The Department of Expenditure works under the Government of India and the establishment division of the department plays a cardinal role in governing the fiscal rules and regulations that include service status of all the employees in Central Government. The establishment division of the department of expenditure deals with a number of issues that widely include deciding upon the salary structure and grades of the employees, policies regarding wages, revision of the pay scale system, formation of a number of extra positions, and basic laws apropos settling of payment structure.

Other areas of concern for the expenditure department encompasses house rent allowance, daily traveling allowance, luxury allowance, and many other allowances in terms of indemnification meant for the Central Government employees. The pensioners too enjoy the benefits of luxury relief along with a satisfactory pension structure.

Functions of the Department of Expenditure

  • It governs the fiscal rules and regulations along with the service status of the employees of Central Government
  • It fixes up the salary structure and grades as well as determines the policies regulating wages of the employees
  • The department of expenditure revises the payment system, forms a number of extra positions, and fixes up the regulations regarding the pay scales of the employees
  • It also offers a range of other benefits to the employees which include rent for housing, daily traveling allowance, allowance for luxuries, and other allowances
  • It provides the luxury allowance to the pensioners as well apart from providing them with a satisfactory pension scale
  • In case of implementing any new facility, the establishment division of the expenditure department are mandatory for consultation
  • The establishment division of expenditure department is actively connected with the National Council of the JCM in all matters which have major financial implications and repercussions
  • It also formulates terms and conditions while appointing members for different committee and commissions, for example, retired judges of supreme court and high court
  • The department fixes up the Financial Powers Rules, General Financial Rules, Staff Car Rules, and so on
  • It offers bonus on the basis of productivity and ad-hoc to the employees of central government
  • The department monitors proposals initiated by commission aboard of officers at additional secretary and above
  • It also scrutinizes various proposals initiated by different ministries and departments pertaining to the non-plan schemes of expenditure
  • Pay scales of the employees attached to a number of autonomous or statutory bodies working under various ministries and departments of the Central Government

Other Units of Department of Expenditure

  • Plan Finance II
  • Plan Finance I
  • Office of Chief Controller of Accounts
  • Finance Commission Division
  • Controller General of Accounts
  • Manual of policies and procedures for purchase of Goods
  • Standard Request for Proposals- Selection of Consultants
  • Cost Account Branch
  • Compendium of Rules on Advances to Govt. Servants
  • National Institute of Financial Management
  • Bidding Document for Works
  • Pay Research Unit
  • Central Pension Accounting Office
  • Miscellaneous Department Branch
  • Staff Inspection Unit