Expenditure Reforms Commission

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The Hon'ble Minister for Finance has initiated the Expenditure Reforms Commission during the year 1999-2000 with the aim to cut down the excessive growth of non-developmental expenditure carried out by the government. This has been a major cause for a crisis in the financial status of the country. Therefore, while presenting the Budget for 1999-2000, the Hon'ble Minister for Finance under government of India decided to set up Expenditure Reforms Commission in India as a tool for combating this unnecessary expenditure.

Also, while establishing this commission, the finance minister proclaimed about appointing an eminent and experienced person apt for carrying out this task. There would be a complete restructuring of the administrative unit of the expenditure department under Government of India.

Undertakings of Expenditure Reforms Commission

Following are the reports presented by the Expenditure Reforms Commission:

First Report (10th July 2000)

  • Grants for food supply
Second Report (20th September 2000)
  • Optimizing the manpower of government employees
  • Detailing on the functions, activities, and structures of the coal government
  • Offering of fertilizer subsidies
  • Justifying the functions, activities, and structures related to the information and broadcasting department under government of India
Third Report (23rd December 2000)

  • Presents a detail report on the functionalities and role played by the Department of Economic Affairs
Fourth Report (20th September 2000)

  • Displays particulars on the small-scale industries along with agro and village industries in the country
  • Presents detail on the Heavy Industry Department
  • Gives a report on public organizations in India
Fifth Report (7th March 2001)

  • Elaborated on autonomous institutions
  • Supply department
  • Department of posts
Sixth Report (20th June 2001)

  • Presents a report on the activities carried out in the Department of Fertilizers
  • Details on the ministry of petroleum and natural gas
  • Presents an elaborate report on chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Report on the government of steel
Seventh Report (2003-2004)

  • Reports on the standing committee on Information Technology
Eighth Report (18th September 2001)

  • Reports on the ministry of external affairs
  • Presents particulars on agriculture and cooperation department
  • Details on the ministry of rural development programmes
Ninth Report (18th September 2001)

  • Presents a detailed report on the ministry of human resource development
  • Presents particulars on the environment and sports department
  • Reports on the road transport and highways ministry
  • Elaborates on the department of culture
  • Presents a report on the ministry of youth activities and sports
  • Details on the department of commerce
  • Details on ministry of shipping and cargo industry
Tenth Report (25th September 2001)

  • Focuses upon the department of tourism
  • Details on ministry of tribal affairs
  • Reports on urban development and poverty reduction in India
  • Presents a report on civil aviation
  • Hands out information on various industrial policies and promotion
  • Reports on the expenditure department
  • Presents particulars on the ministry of public grievances, personnel, and pension schemes