India Woodwork Industry

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India Woodwork Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India's economy. India possesses around 100,000 registered woodware units and more than 200,000 artisans along with countless other woodworking related units in the sector. Wood has always been a major part of Indian handicrafts and various beautiful things are crafted out of it. India takes pride in manufacturing exquisite and handsome wooden handicrafts in diverse motifs.

The wooden handicraft of India is draped with a vast cultural and ethnic diversity which is applied to a range of themes, techniques and crafts. These wooden handicrafts are unique in their own style and are claimed to be an absolute personification of the Indian heritage. India Woodwork Industry has not only specialized in serving architectural purpose but also manufactures furniture both in traditional as well as ultramodern style.

In the rural areas of India, furniture and other household utensils are carved out of wood in different shapes and styles. These simple objects are so uniquely blend that they in no way look like daily use stuffs. Animal figures are also an excellent example of India's ethnic woodwork. These wide ranging exclusive styles adopted by the India woodwork industry to carve out various stupefying objects are prepared in different parts of India. Some of the most well-known states of India involved in woodwork are as follows:

  • Gujarat - Famous for woodwork in carved chests, almirahs, and wooden swings. The wooden swings vary from plain Hewn wood to lavishly embellished ones. There is also a tradition of embedding indigenously made gold, silver, and bronze hues on wood in a place called Sankheda village in Gujarat. Surat, another place in Gujarat, is well-known for its marquetry-work which is called as 'Sadeli' by local people.

  • Kashmir- Famous for its exclusive Kashmir houseboat made out of a specially mollified wood that does not soak in water. Also, the houses in Kashmir are made of wood with latticework windows and geometrically patterned ceilings.

  • Hoshiarpur (Punjab) - Gained immense popularity for carving inlaying ivory which is now replaced with plastic to cut down on the cost. Wooden furniture, trays, and mirror frames are usually crafted using intricate designs that were claimed to be the royal patronage ages back.

  • Saharanpur (U.P) - The leading place for commercial purposes. Sheesham and Teak are the chief woods used for manufacturing traditional as well as contemporary designed products-screens, cigarette boxes, tables, trivets, bookends, and so on. Of late, Saharanpur is dealing with wood seasoning only.

  • Kerala - Specializes in arena handicrafts that along with representing their customs and beliefs also portray their spiritual values and emotions.

  • Other areas - West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh are also engaged in carving out various uniquely designed items out of wood.

India Woodwork Industry uses various kinds of woods, for example, Walnut, Sandalwood, Teak, Sheesham, Deodar, Ebony, Redwood, Rosewood, Red, Cedar, Sal, and many more. Recently, embedding of brass wires (Tarkashi) has gained lot of attention worldwide. India has set up over 3,000 woodworking units and the number is increasing with the passage of time.