CTX Mortgage Company

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CTX Mortgage Company, a well-known mortgage company was founded in 1973 and at present standing as one of the most top notch non-banking retail mortgage creator in United States. It has set up almost 200 hundred loan offices in the nation.

The main activities of CTX Mortgage Company include mortgage financing entitled to a range of borrowers that include both CTX customers as well as the outside people of various business sectors seeking mortgage loans. Centex homebuyers also enjoyed various benefits offered by CTX Mortgage Company. CTX Mortgage is a consistent and old customer of London Bridge Group, a leading provider of e-commerce and software solutions and therefore enjoys the privilege to all the lending operations or loan schemes developed or introduced by London bridge such as LSAMS , TMO, LenStar, FORTRACS, and the BridgeLink services system.

The chief motto of CTX Mortgage Company is to develop a customer-friendly approach in its products or loan schemes. The company understands the requirements of the borrowers quite comprehensively. It believes in uniqueness in every loan scheme it launches and one of the most important attribute of the loan schemes of CTX Mortgage is cost-effectiveness. CTX designs loan schemes not only for the high profile businessmen but also for every denizens who seek for low-priced debts in loans. CTX Mortgage puts a lots of emphasis on the application of technology on mortgage loans. The company has a deep-held belief that technology and mortgage industry if blended together can prove to be highly efficient in the productivity. Apart from the non-bank retail loans, CTX mortgage also covers few other sectors such as FHA/VA, jumbo, conforming, conventional, and specialty loans.

One of the recent and innovative production of CTX Mortgage Company is a joint venture of diamond solutions with London Bridge. CTX Mortgage acquired the state-of-the-art technology in its inception of diamond solutions. Diamond solutions can be defined as a completely web-based mortgage solutions scheme that guides the borrower from point-of-sale to alternate sales. CTX Mortgage also entered into a partnership contract with London Bridge corresponding to the strong bond they have been sharing for quite a many years. This partnership took place for the launching of the new web-based application that is much more flexible than other programs and it is basically designed for the ultramodern and technologically sharp generation next.

The value of CTX Mortgage Company is 12 billion with 79,000 originations. Centex Corporation is the parent company of CTX Mortgage. The cause of success behind the company is its team of hard-working and dedicated professionals who have honed their skills in the relevant field. CTX Mortgage Company is committed to its customers and always look forward in developing mortgage loan schemes that are appreciated by the customers. It has always followed the simplest of procedures in application for loan so that the customers can go on with the process without any difficulties. Customer satisfaction is the main concern of CTX Mortgage along with developing fresh and innovative ideas to improve the productivity.

Last Updated on 5/26/2011