EMC Mortgage Company

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EMC Mortgage Company is an entirely owned subordinate company of The Bear Stearns Companies Inc. which was established in1923. It broadly deals with mortgage banking and has its headquarter located at Lewisville, Texas, that is, inside the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

The chief services offered by EMC Mortgage Company include acquisition, servicing, securitization and disposal of residential mortgage loans. The Bear Stearns Companies which owns the EMC Mortgage Company, has its headquarter at New York City centers around financial services that include offering services in a range of sectors such as government, institutions, corporation, and also individual requirements all across the globe. EMC Mortgage Company has been in the mortgage banking sector since past 15 years and developed unique skills which has added a huge value in its profile. EMC Mortgage has honed its skills in subprime and Alt-A loans.

A newly structured beneficiary loan program has been designed by EMC Mortgage on April 2, 2007 and was named as 'EMC Mod Squad'. This is a loan modification group which will assist the borrowers found guilty in their commitments with loaning, to prevent any kind of legal proceedings that is a usual consequence in case of any illegal actions or violation of rules at their residence. The loan team EMC Mod Squad will help these guilty people to deal with their faults in a peaceful manner instead of the neverending legal battles that is tailed with any kind of violating acts. The main activity of EMC Mod Squad is to team up with the local community units and then meeting the customers of EMC Mortgage who belong to the group of targeted customers of EMC Mortgage. After their interaction program with the targeted customers of EMC Mortgage all across the country, the EMC Mod Squad will then conduct educational workshops and knowledge empowering sessions to intimate them about the various financial reconstitutions that are on the agenda for formulation for the borrowers.

EMC Mortgage Company sells out its assets to the borrowers though an agent of its own and the company also possess a range of real estate brokers. The company is popularly recognized all over the country for its excellent mortgage services to its customers. The services of EMC Mortgage also deals with portfolio servicing to the investors of the company along with providing excellent and flexible service to the borrowers. Having gained a long experience in mortgage banking, EMC Mortgage Company has expertized in its services and has attained a highly satisfactory track record.

The management team of EMC Mortgage Company bears an in-depth knowledge of customer service strategies, groupings, loan options, governing the foreclosures that might be faced by its borrowers, and accounting system. It is one of the most well-recognized company all across the country today and is aiming to be 'The Best' company in its country.

Last Updated on 5/26/2011