Franchisee Outlets

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This site provides detailed information on Franchisee Outlets of India. The site also focuses on the current scenario of Indian franchisee outlets.

Franchisee outlets in India are predominantly unorganized and considerably new in concept. For an international company with a famous product or service to sell, Franchisee outlets can provide huge opportunity for fast expansion and deep market penetration. Opening up of Franchisee Outlets saves initial capital investment. Franchisee outlets in India can effectively help in the distribution process of goods and services in lesser time but creating similar effects on balance sheet. The greatest advantage of opening Franchisee outlets in India is that it offers full commitment from franchisees. And as a matter of fact the franchisees are more committed than employers or staff since they own a share of the main business and are accountable for losses.

Franchisee outlets in India - its benefits are:
  • Franchisee enjoys liberty of self employment
  • The most successful way of starting a new business
  • Franchising opportunities exists in every area of business and trade
  • Low or no initial capital investment for the franchiser
  • Quality and reputation of the parent company is maintained
  • The license for franchise is renewable after or before the expiry of the term of contracts
  • Liabilities of parent companies are less
  • The Franchisee outlets have better commitments and responsibilities to discharge
  • Huge income opportunity for the franchiser and franchisee
  • No introductory advertisement is needed for the Franchisee outlets for the establishment of the brand
Franchisee outlets in India - some well known outlets are:
  • Macdonald's
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Subway
  • Monginis
  • Sugar and spice
  • Coca cola
  • Pepsi
  • Frito lays
  • Perfetti
Franchisee outlets in India - opportunities galore; the key attractive points are:
  • Ranks 5th on global retail development index
  • It is the second fastest growing economy of the world
  • Going to be the third largest economy in terms of GDP in next few years
  • It ranks high amongst the top 10 FDI destinations of the world
  • Fastest growing tourist market in Asia
  • Stable and investor friendly Central Government at the helm of affairs
  • High degree of professionalism and corporate ethics
  • Excellent Investment opportunities in Indian retail sector and in allied sectors; sure and high returns on investments
  • To invest US $130 billion for the development of infrastructure, by year 2010
  • Retail industry to attract US $ 10 billion FDI for infrastructure development by the end of year 2008
  • Hordes of foreign investors are thronging in to invest in Indian retail markets
  • Huge opportunity exists, especially in semi-rural and rural areas
  • Huge employment scope for the semi-skilled segment of the Indian population
  • In a nascent stage of development as an organized industry