Madras Fertilizers Limited (MFL)

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About Madras Fertilizers Limited

Madras Fertilizers Limited was established in 1966. Madras Fertilizers Limited is under the under the guardianship of Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (Department of Fertilizers), India. The contribution of Madras Fertilizers Limited during the implementation of Green Revolution in India is worthy of being mentioned.

Madras Fertilizers Limited also offers advisory services and essential agricultural inputs to farmers. It provides advisory services to farmers on farming techniques, modern farm management techniques, credit availability, and marketing prospects. Further, it imparts education on fertilizers and sales-promotion along with holding fertilizer festivals, study classes, seminars on improved farming, crop campaigns, and crop demonstrations. It also offers soil testing services, method demonstrations, field days, and visits to research centers to promote use of fertilizers and uplift the standard of living of the farmers.

MFL Services

  • Sheep rearing
  • Poultry farming
  • Arranging veterinary camps
  • Dairy farming
  • Planting cow dung gas units
  • Smokeless chulahs (earthen ovens)
  • Drinking water facility
  • Human health campaigns
  • Special guidance to SC and ST farmers
  • Tribal development programs
  • School construction
  • Construction of over-bridge
  • Opening up of library
  • MFL Products

    • Urea
    • NPK – Complex, four types like - (17:17:17), (14:28:14), (19:19:19), (20:20:0:13)
    • NK Mixture - 20:0:10
    • MOP (Imported)
    • DAP (Imported)
    VIJAY Urea consists of 46% Nitrogen. It is an economical nitrogenous fertilizer and is suitable for various types of crops and soil. It can be applied together with other pesticides or fertilizers.

    VIJAY Complexes are granular fertilizers. They are rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash contents. The nutrients are present in balanced proportion. They are being used mainly as basal fertilizers for all the major crops.

    VIJAY 17:17:17 is the most popular product of the company and commands a leading position in the Indian fertilizer market. It is the pioneer in the group of balanced complex fertilizer available in the Indian market. The nitrogen is in Amide and Ammonical forms, which makes it ideal for rapid growth of all crops.

    Biofertilizers are used as supplement to chemical fertilizers and soil manures. Vijay Bio-fertilizers are of two categories, viz., nitrogen fixers and phosphate solublizers. The following are the salient features of Vijay Bio-fertilizers:

    • It acts as a supplement to chemical fertilizers
    • It is cheap and reduces the cost of cultivation
    • It fixes biological nitrogen in the soil
    • It increases crop productivity by 4-5%
    • It improves soil properties and maintains soil fertility
    • It provides nutrients at low costs
    • It is useful for consecutive crop cultivation
    The various bio-fertilizers products made by Madras Fertilizers Limited are enumerated as under -
    • Azospirillum - Paddy
    • Azospirillum - Other crops
    • Azospirillum - Plantation Crops
    • Rhizobium - Groundnut
    • Rhizobium - Pulses
    • Phospho Bacteria - All Crops
    • NP Bio - All Crops
    Forestry – Vijay bio-fertilizers are being used for restoring the forest cover of India.
    Eco-friendly Neem Pesticides - Neem based pesticides are made by Madras Fertilizers Limited under the brand name VIJAY NEEM. These are environment friendly products with no harmful residual content in agricultural produce. It is essentially a neem kernel extract and is highly effective against major pests. Its unique feature is that pests do not develop a resistance to it, even in the long run.

    Chairman of MFL


    Head Office of MFL

    Madras Fertilizers Limited
    Manali, Chennai - 600 068
    Phone : 044 - 25941001

    Last Updated on May 30, 2015