Rural Industries in Indian Economy

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A Short Note on Rural Industries in Indian Economy-

The Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries (MoARI) in India was established in September, 2001 with the aim to develop the Rural Industries in the Indian Economy. The main objectives of this initiative were to ameliorate the supply chain management, upgrade skills, introduce innovative technologies and expand markets of the entrepreneurs and artisans. A wide range of programs, schemes, projects and policies have been formulated to carry out various activities in the rural sector in India. Also, the Government of India has also ensured employment generation program in the rural regions under Rural Employment Generation Program (REGP) and the Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana (PMRY) in association with of State Governments, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other banks.

Some of the major sectors in rural economy of India have been listed below:

Rubber Business in India-

Rubber is one of the significant commercial crops in India. Rubber Industry in India has accounted for a production of 6.49 lakh tons for the year 2006. Places in India where rubber is cultivated include areas of southwest Konkan and Malabar Coast in Kerala and in some areas of Tamil Nadu.

Fisheries in Rural India-

The fish production rate in India has witnessed a remarkable growth since 1995-96. The National Program of Developing Fish Seeds, Fish Farmers' Development Agencies and Brackish Water Fish Farmers' Development Agencies have been the major contributors to the growth in fisheries in rural India. A diversified range of fishing methods along with processed fish products have been introduced in the Indian rural market through an Integrated Fisheries Project.

Poultry Business in India-

Poultry Business is one of the major contributors to the growing economy of rural and semi-urban India. India has witnessed a remarkable growth in the egg and poultry meat industry in the recent period. States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu contribute to around 45 percent of the total egg production in India whereas the eastern and central parts of India contribute to around 20 percent of the same. India is the seven largest poultry producer all over the world.

Tobacco Business in India-

India is one of the most predominant producers as well as consumers of tobacco in India. It ranks third in terms of tobacco production around the world. Tobacco leaves are highly exported in the overseas countries which has accounted for a 99 percent increase in the revenue from exports.

Jute Business in India-

Jute is one of the most prime products in terms of exporting to the overseas nations and it brings in maximum foreign exchange earnings. The delta of the river Ganges in West Bengal is perfect for jute cultivation. A wide range of gunny bags, shopping bags, handicrafts, carpets, and many more other items are made from Jute.

Horticulture Business in India-

India has a diverse soil and climate which provides a promising opportunity for horticulture. Some of the crops cultivated in the horticultural sector comprise of fruits, vegetables, root and tuber crops, flowers, ornamental plants, medicinal and aromatic plants, spices, condiments, plantation crops and mushrooms.

Sericulture Business in India-

Sericulture is one of the rural based agro industries in India. Silk production activity has accounted for a total income from export production of more than USD 600 million. Sericulture offers agro based, ecologically and economically sustainable activity for the poor, small and marginal farmers which also include women. 60 percent of the pre-cocoon and post-cocoon sector activities are carried out by women.

Tea Business in India-

The tea business has been ruling Indian economy for the past 170 years. The chief areas of tea production in India include rural hills and backward areas of Northeastern and southern states like Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. India mainly manufactures tea variants such as CTC, Orthodox tea and green tea.

Last Updated on 19 May 2011