Jute Business in India

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Jute Business in India is one the major foreign exchange earner for the country. The India is one of the leading producers of jute. The delta of the river Ganges in West Bengal is the ideal place for the cultivation of jute in India. Jute is one of the most popular natural fibers next only to cotton. Jute is used for a variety of uses such as gunny bags, shopping bags, handicrafts, carpets, etc.

Jute Business in India-Facts

  • Jute is the is called the 'golden fiber'
  • India is the largest cultivator of jute in the world
    • Nearly 85% of the total jute production in the world takes place in the Ganges delta
    • With the present improvements in the method of jute cultivation, India has huge scope in the future
    • India has the potential to be the largest exporter of jute in world
    • Jute is growing to be the most wanted bio-degradable replacement for plastic packing material
    • India is the biggest consumer of jute and jute products
    • India is also the largest world wide manufacturer of jute products
    Jute Business in India-Cultivation

    • The jute takes around four months to grow
    • The jute plants are harvested at the time they start flowering
    • The stalks are cut off and soaked in water for 20days and this process is called retting
    • The jute cultivation requires warm temperature ranging from 35 to 38 degree centigrade
    • Jute needs plenty of rainfall during the sowing period
    Jute Business in India-Strengths

    • India has international standard research and development provisions for cultivation of jute, designing machineries, and product development
    • The stringent quality control or the implementation of 'total quality control' is one of the factors for the success of the Jute Business in India
    • Jute and various jute products are being exported for nearly 100 years
    • India has the capability of manufacturing different types of jute product as per the customers need
    • India has infrastructure such as shipping facilities, harbor, ports to support the jute business in India
    • The Jute manufacturers in India have the capacity to meet the global demand for jute products
    Jute Business in India-Areas of cultivation

    • The delta of Ganges River is the best place for the cultivation of Jute, and it is further divided in to three regions.

    • Jat Area (Brahmaputra Alluvium):
      The jute is grown in the parts of Assam, Meghalaya, and Tripura. This region receives deposit of
    • silts from the floodwater of Brahmaputra and the soil is acidic in nature. This is called the Jat type jute, which is commercially the best quality jute in India.

    • District Area (Ganges Alluvium):
      The jute is grown in parts of West Bengal along the river Ganges. This jute is called as the

    • District Jute and there are two types of it, namely Soft District Jute and Hard District Jute.
    Jute Business in India-Products

    • Hessian
    • Sacks and Gunny bags
    • Yarn
    • Carpet Backing Cloth
    • Food Grade Jute products
    • Jute Soil Saver
    • Hand and Shopping bags
    • Gift and Novelty Items
    • Home Furnishing
    • Handicrafts

    Last Updated on 19 May 2011