FDI Inflows to Scientific Instruments

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The main aim of the FDI inflows to Scientific Instruments is the all round development of the manufacturing, research and development sector by providing it with the proper instrumentation and equipments.

FDI Inflows to Scientific Instruments-Overview

The FDI Inflows to Scientific Instruments sector has been immensely helpful. The Scientific Instruments sector caters to a number of manufacturing, research and development sectors. In India, Ludhiana (Punjab) has become a world class center for the manufacturing and export of scientific instruments.

The Department of Science & Technology of India has introduced the Instrument Development Program (IDP), which has the primary purpose of indigenous development of scientific instruments in India. This sector has huge scope of development and several foreign investors are eying the opportunities for FDI.

FDI Inflows to Scientific Instruments-Main areas

The types of Scientific Instruments, in which the major foreign direct investments are taking place, have been mentioned below -

  • BOD Incubator
  • Autoclave (Vertical)
  • Cryostat
  • Humidity Cabinet
  • Vacuum Oven
  • Melting Point And Boiling Point Apparatus
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Muffle Furnace
  • 6 and 12 Holes Water Bath
  • Ultra Violet Inspection Cabinet
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • Colony Counter Digital
  • Tablet Disintegration Test Machine
  • Constant Temp Water Bath
  • Over Head Projector
  • Orbital Shaker
  • Deep Freezer
  • Rotary Vacuum Flask Evaporator
  • Tray Dryer
  • Agate Mortar and Pestle (Black & Gray Color)
  • Salt Spray Chamber
  • Water Bath And Oil Bath
  • Laboratory Fume Cupboard
  • Polarimeter
  • Membrane Nylon
  • IR Moisture Balance
  • Tablet Dissolution Apparatus
  • UV-Spectrophotometer
  • Physical Balance
  • Digital Balance
  • brookfield Viscometer
  • Calorie Meter
  • Vacuum Desiccators and Plain Desiccators
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Potentiometric Titrator
  • Flow Cup Viscometer
  • Refractometer
  • Lacto Meter

FDI Inflows to Scientific Instruments-Yearly

  • In the year 2003, the number of approval was 46, out of which 16 were technical and 30 were financial, the amount of FDI approved was ` 657.36 million and the percentage of contribution towards total FDI was 0.02 %

  • In the year 2004, the number of approval was 40, out of which 14 were technical and 26 were financial, the amount of FDI approved was ` 614.32 million and the percentage of contribution towards total FDI was 0.03 %

Last Updated on 4/23/2011