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A1-Chips is one of the most well known manufacturers and exporters of sweets and snacks in Southern India. The company is well known for its rigid quality control during the manufacturing of the products.

A1 Chips - Overview

A1-Chips is based in Tamil Nadu. The company manufactures and exports food products, such as snacks and sweets. C. Subramaniam founded the A-1 Chips at Coimbatore. It is among the leading chips manufacturers in India.

It has got five branches in Coimbatore. The company follows strict quality maintenance for its products. The best ingredients and the hygienic methods of production are the main factors of the success of the company. A-1 Chips is extremely popular and a household name in the state of Tamil Nadu.

A1-Chips - Food Products

The A1-Chips manufactures various types of snacks and sweet items in order to cater to different type of customers.
  • Chips: The company manufactures chips from nentharm, potato, tapioca, and jackfruit. Some of the popular products are potato ruffles, potato chips, jack fruit chips, potato chips, fruit chips, tapioca chips, banana sweet, and banana mint.

  • Sweets: halwa, chikkis, burby, dates groundnut cake, ghee appam, groundnut cake

  • Murukku: yellu pokoda, chilli murukku, kai murukku, and piddi murukku

  • Mixture: sweet badam mixture, dry fruit mix, channa dhal, groundnut masala, karam badam mixture, roasted cashew, roasted badam, dhal mixture, cashew boondhi, roasted salt pista, kara boondhi, and corn mixture

The A1-Chips can be contacted at,

A1-Chips-Food Items
F-1, Chokampudur Road,
Coimbatore - 641001
Tamil Nadu, India.