Maakhan Bhog

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Maakhan Bhog is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of sweets and snacks in India.

Maakhan Bhog - Overview

Maakhan Bhog is one of the most renowned confectioners in India. The company offers the finest quality sweets and snacks. It is located at Surat in the state of Gujarat. The company is supposed to be one of the pioneers of this trade. At present it is one of the leading producers and supplier of snacks, sweets, dry fruits, savories, frozen foods, etc.

Maakhan Bhog - Performance

The Maakhan Bhog means the food which is offered to the Gods by the Maharajahs (Indian Kings), and so as the name suggests the company provides the best quality products to its customers. It started as a small family owned and operated business. The company banks on its packaging techniques. It offers a variety of fancy packaging to cater different customers. The company also offers Sherbet, Farsan, and Mukhvas (supari) in its range of products.

Maakhan Bhog - Products

  • Special Sweets
  • Soan Papri
  • Angoor Rabadi
  • Mix Milk Sweet
  • Milk Masala
  • Moti Choor Laddu
  • Raj Bhog
  • Mix Barfi
  • Kaju Katri
  • Dry Fruit Sweet Mix
  • Dry fruits
  • Kaju (Cashews)
  • Badam (Almonds)
  • Pista (Pistachios)
  • Akhrot (Walnuts)
  • Masala Kaju (Spiced Cashews)
  • Salted Kaju (Salted Cashews)
  • Roasted Kaju (Roasted Cashews)
  • Salted Badam (Salted Almonds)
  • Masala Badam (Spiced Almonds)
  • American Badam
  • Maamra Badam
  • Anjir (Figs)
  • Chilgoza
  • Kishmish (Indian Raisins)
  • Snacks and Namkeens
  • Samosa Kachori
  • Potli Samosa
  • Khaman Sandwich
  • Bikaneri Bhujia
  • Maida Namkeens
  • Chiwada
  • Other Dry Fruit Sweets
  • Kaju Pista Roll
  • Pista Loonj
  • Badam Katri
  • Kamal Bhog
  • Dry Fruit Pan
  • Anjir Bahar
  • Silky diamond
  • Kaju Anjir Roll
  • Fruit Sandwich
  • Milk Sweets
  • Malai Barfi
  • Malai Penda
  • Kesar Penda
  • Kala Kand
  • Kopra Pak
  • Milk Cake
  • Chocolate Barfi
  • Royal Cassata
  • Ghee Sweets
  • Kesar Ghevar
  • Chandrakala
  • Makhanbada
  • Moti Pak
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Kala Jamun
  • Emarti
  • Besan Ladoo
  • Kesar Pista Ghari
The Maakhan Bhog can be contacted at the below mentioned address,
Shree Maheshwari Confectioners
Head Office
4, Amarshilp, Nanpura, Timaliawad,

Gujarat, India.
Phone (Head Office): 091 261 472895 / 091 261 475239.
Email: [email protected]