Priya Gold

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Priya Gold - Overview

Priya Gold is the ace brand of the Surya Food and Agro Ltd., which began its commercial activity in the year 1993. The company is one of the leading producers of biscuits in Northern India. The company offers a variety of biscuits to the different types of customers with different tastes.

Priya Gold - Products

  • Butter Bite Premium - The combination of fresh flour and pure butter gives a crispy experience of fresh taste.

  • Butter Bite Badam Pista - The great buttery taste combined with the goodness of Badam and Pista, provides a fantastic experience.

  • Butter Bite Cashew - The mouth-watering recipe of cashew and butter gives an awesome crispy experience.

  • Butter Bite Kesar - The aroma of the Kesar (saffron) along with the whiff of fresh butter makes it a tasty delight.

  • Butter Bite Nice - The combination of fresh flour with desiccated coconut gives it the perfect taste and the sprinkled sugar is just the icing on the cake.

  • Butter Lite - It is packed with the fresh taste of pure and smooth butter.

  • Classic Cream Orange - Gives the experience of tangy taste of orange cream between crispy biscuits.

  • Classic Cream Elaichi - Gives the experience of aromatic Elaichi cream between crispy biscuits.

  • Classic Cream Chocolate - Gives the experience of the rich chocolate cream between crispy biscuits.

  • Classic Cream Milk - Gives the experience of tasty milk cream between crispy biscuits.

  • Big Boss - This biscuit is enriched with the goodness of milk, vitamins, calcium, and iron and gives a unique crispy experience.

  • Marie Lite - Made from the natural fibers, the biscuit is nearly 90 % fat free and has a low calorie value.

  • Magic Gold - The biscuit is made of butter and milk and is packed with calcium and minerals.

  • Don - Packed with the power of milk and glucose, the biscuit has a superb taste

  • Coconut Crunch - It is made from fresh flour, real butter, and aromatic desiccated coconut, to give the biscuit a crunchy, crispy taste.

  • Cheese Cracker - It give the taste of mouth-watering cheese in the crispy flour biscuits.

  • Snacks Zig Zag - This provides the experience of a lifetime, as it can be made into a burger, or a pizza, or just a snack.

  • Cheez Bit Classic Salted - The classic combination of real cheese and salt.

  • Cheez Bit Aloo Bhujiya - The superb combination of Potato and cheese.

  • Cheez Bit Tangy Tomato - The perfect taste of tangy tomato.

Last Updated on 3/16/2011