Nutkhat Namkeen

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The Nutkhat Namkeen is the brand of the Janta Wafers, which one of the most well snack manufacturing and exporting companies in India.

Nutkhat Namkeen - Company

Nutkhat Namkeen is the brand of snacks introduced by the Janta Wafers in the 1954, by Shri Dhirubhai Khakhar. The company is one of the renowned manufacturers and exporters of snacks (namkeen).

Nutkhat Namkeen - Advantages

  • The products have longer shelf life, due to the extremely good packing.
  • The products are fresh and hygienic in nature.
  • The products are available in a variety of flavors.
  • The ingredients used are acquired from the finest sources.

Nutkhat Namkeen - Products

  • Potato Wafers: Crispy potato wafers are one of the most popular snacks. Made from fresh potatoes, they are available in different flavors like Masala Sali Wafers, Jali Wafers, Tomato Wafers, and Jali Masala Wafers.
  • Banana Wafers: It is one of the most popular snacks in the southern states. This snack is supposed to have high nutritional value and it comes in a variety of flavors such as Banana Mari Wafers, Banana Masala Wafer, Yellow Banana Wafers, and Banana Tomato Wafers.
  • Mixtures: The company offers different types of mixtures such as Mangalory mix, Khatta Mitha, Special Nadiyadi mix, Simla Mix, Mumbai Mix, Dal Muth, Bhel, Kuch Kuch, and Sab Kuch in different flavors like as sweet, sour, spicy, etc.
  • Pulses: The product range provides an array of mouth-watering pulse snacks. These include pulses snacks like salted Moong Dal, Channa Dal with chilly powder and salt, Masala Moong fried with mild Masala, Channa Chur made spiced flattened Channa and fried spicy peas, and Mari Chana sprinkled with spices.
  • Chiwda: These are made from the crispy flattened flakes of corn and rice, which is mixed with peanuts, dates, cashew nuts, resins, chilly, and other spicy dried ingredients. The chiwda snacks include Poha Chiwda, Makai Chiwda, and Falhari Chiwda.
  • Other Snacks: The company also offers several other types of snacks such as Bhavnagari Gathia, Garlic Tikha Gathia, Bundi, Plain salted sev, Aloo Tomato Sev, Bikaneri Sev, Aloo Cheese Sev, Tomato Aloo Sev, Sing Bhujia, Kachori, Chote Chote Bhakharwadi, Dry Fruits Samosa, and Crunchy Munchy.
The Nutkhat Namkeen can be contacted at,

Nutkhat Namkeen
Khakhar Market, Daftary Road,
Malad (West)
Mumbai - 400 097,
Maharashtra, India
Email: [email protected]