Railway budget 2010 - 2011, Budget highlights

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Railway budget 2011-2012 | Union Budget 2011-2012 | Budget Highlights

Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee presented her second Railway Budget on February 24, 2010 under the governance of United Progressive Alliance. While putting forward the budget Ms Banerjee clarified that no piece of land will be forcibly occupied for the development of freight corridor and also maintained that employment will be provided to one member from a family of land losers.

Railway Budget 2010 Highlights:

  • Launch of double-decker trains.

  • Railways to continue as a government owned sector and not to be privatized.

  • 117 trains have been launched by the railways out of 120 trains declared in the previous budget.

  • State government is entitled to formulate rules and regulations and not railways.

  • Freight taxes not to witness any hike.

  • Aspirants can give railway examinations in their provincial languages.

  • Railways would introduce an exclusive train during Commonwealth Games 2010.

  • Railways to initiate mobile and e-ticketing counters at IIMs, universities, IITs, hospitals and village panchayats.

  • Railways will grant accommodations to its staff members in association with the Urban Development Ministry in the coming 10 years

  • Grant to central staff benefit fund will be hiked by Railways.

  • IIT-Kharagpur is expected to host a new centre for research on Railways.

  • Progress on Rae Bareli Coach Factory is expected to start in Uttar Pradesh within a year.

  • Maharashtra's town Badnera will soon witness the establishment of Wagon Repair Shop.

  • Chennai's Integral Coach Factory will be revamped and endowed with advanced technology.

  • A new division will be established in the Integral Coach Factory.

  • Ten automobiles centers to be initiated by Railways.

  • On the basis of availability of land, Railways is looking forward to develop Diesel Multiple Unit plant in state of West Bengal.

  • Profits from other Railways businesses are expected to witness an elevation of ` 1,000 crore against the present ` 150 crore.

  • Railways are expected to increase cargo loading goal in the FY 2010 by eight mn tones.

  • Railways to revamp 93 railway stations in the country.

  • Railways to introduce 1010 trains in the suburban areas of Mumbai

  • FY 2010-11 is expected to register a Gross traffic receipt of ` 94,765 crore.

  • Cargo loading target for FY 2010-11 is allocated at 944 mn tones against the present 54 mn tones.

  • Initiation of 381 diagnostic hubs by railways

  • Railways to introduce previously employed workforce into railway security department.

  • Railways to build passenger corridors committed to high speed

  • Initiation of National High Speed Rail Authority

  • Initiation of sports universities by Railways and introduction of railway allowances for sportsmen.

  • Railways to work in association with Commonwealth Games 2010 authorities.

  • FY 2010 will witness the completion of 1000 km railway tracks

  • Development of latest business structures by Railways

  • Development of hi-tech parking keeping the purchasing power parity model in consideration

  • Development of RFID machinery for cargo transfer

  • Initiation of exclusive task force for preliminary authorization of projects

  • Allocation of ` 1300 crores for traveler's amenities

  • Railways to increase total revenue to ` 20,000 crore by 2011 against the present ` 10,000 crore

  • Railways to remove exam fees for underprivileged section of society.

  • Railways to lay more tracks for better connectivity.

  • Railways to introduce new 10 year plan - 'Vision 2020' and ground-breaking methods for sponsoring projects.

  • Railways to join hands with corporate houses for the further growth

  • Railways to initiate 6 water bottling units in Nasik, Farakka, Ambala, Amethi, Thiruvananthapuram.

The railway minister ascertained that the promises have been fulfilled to the greatest and her department will continue to work for public welfare in the coming years.

Railway Budget 2010 Expectations Last updated on : 23 Feb, 2010

The railway Budget 2010 is due to be presented on February 24th, 2010, by the Union Railway minister, Ms. Mamata Banerjee before the Lok Sabha. In a bid to make the railway budget more appealing the railways minister is considering the view of all before formulating the railway budget of 2010. She has asked for valuable inputs and suggestions from various sectors of the industry that could ensure smoother and better functioning of the Indian Railways.
  • 15 more Duronto trains likely to be launched in the coming months. Duronto trains are known for their non stop journeys to a destination and are thus very popular among the people of the country.

  • There is a probability that the railways minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee will be presenting a railways budget with no new hike in passenger fares. However there are chances of an increase in the fares of air-conditioned coaches.

  • The railway budget of 2010 is also expected to highlight on aspects like that of cleaner railway platforms and of better facilities in trains.

Last updated on :10-05-2011