India US Policy

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This site provides comprehensive information on India US Policy. The site also focuses on achievements of both US and India as a result of a well designed India's US Policy.

India US Policy is rooted in shared values and is broad in nature and scope, with two countries working together on global issues, including expanding economic ties and democracy;ensuring plentiful sources of clean, safe, and reliable energy; protecting security; supporting innovation and technological advances; and promoting public health. The main focus area for the India US Policy are -

Civil and nuclear cooperation - US and India have signed agreement on civil nuclear cooperation. It addresses India's burning energy need for its ever-growing economy. India has agreed to take steps that will bring it into the international non-proliferation mainstream, including placing its civilian nuclear facilities and programs under IAEA safeguards and adhering to the guidelines of the Nuclear Suppliers Group and the Missile Technology Control Regime.

Economy – US and India are expanding cooperation to enhance job creation and economic growth, support economic reform and liberalization, develop common business platform, supportive of trade and investment, and improve market access for goods and services. The focus areas are -
  • Trade.
  • Investment.
  • Agriculture.

Culture - US and India to support the growth and development of vibrant civil societies, including independent media and NGOs.

Energy and the environment - US and India are working jointly to help meet India's rising demand for energy by exploring new technologies to produce clean, safe, and reliable energy.

Security – US and India are building the foundation of a defense relationship that will support common strategic and security interests. And areas of focus would be -
  • Maritime Security Cooperation.
  • Counter terrorism.
  • Military Logistics Support.
  • Defense Trade.
  • Non-proliferation to limit the spread of enrichment and reprocessing technologies and also support the conclusion of a Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty.

Innovative and advanced technologies – US and India are working together to support the creation of innovative, dynamic, knowledge-based economies by cooperating each other in the following areas -
  • Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Science and technology.
  • Space.

Public health - US and India are cooperating to expand efforts to combat and prevent the following diseases -

  • Avian Influenza.

India values its bilateral relations with the US. As democracies, both countries share many common visions. Relations have continued to improved since US is an important economic partner of India, especially in the wake of India's economic reforms. However, in pursuing improved bilateral relations, India have sought to preserve and protect India's national interest.

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