India Mineral Policy

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The India Mineral Policy, 1993 (for Non-Fuel And Non-Atomic Minerals) is an extremely well-drafted document. It appreciates the fact that India's finite and non-renewable Natural Resources have to be managed in close integration with the long-term national goals and perspectives with a focus on scientific methods of mining, beneficiation and economic utilization.

Preamble of the India Mineral Policy

Minerals are valuable Natural Resources being finite and non-renewable. They constitute the vital raw materials for many basic industries and are a major resource for development. Management Of Mineral Resources has, therefore, to be closely integrated with the overall strategy of development; and exploitation of Minerals is to be guided by long-term national goals and perspectives. In this context the need has been felt to spell out in a statement the different elements of the policy, which has evolved over the years, relating to development of our Mineral Resources and in regard to areas of concern which have emerged in recent years.

Objectives of the India Mineral Policy

The basic objectives of the India Mineral Policy in respect of Minerals is as follows:

(a) to explore for identification of Mineral Wealth in the land and in off-shore areas

(b) to develop Mineral Resources taking into account the national and strategic considerations and to ensure their adequate supply and best use keeping in view the present needs and future requirements

(c) to promote necessary linkages for smooth and uninterrupted development of the mineral industry to meet the needs of the country

(d) to promote research and development in Minerals
(e) to ensure establishment of appropriate educational and training facilities for human resources development to meet the manpower requirements of the Mineral Industry
National Inventory Of Mineral Resources
The National Inventory Of Mineral Resources including those of ocean bed will be based on a comprehensive review of exploration data. These along with the relevant geological data and mineral maps shall be maintained and updated from time to time by the Indian Bureau Of Mines as per the uses and specifications in industrial and other applications.

Foreign Trade
Minerals continue to be an important source of foreign exchange earnings. The policy of export shall keep in view the Mineral Inventory position and the long term needs of the country. Efforts shall be made to export minerals in value added form as far as possible.

Mineral Wealth is finite and non-renewable. It is a major resource for development. The management of this precious resource and its optimal and economical use are matters of national importance. The success of the India Mineral Policy will depend largely on a national consensus to fulfill its underlying principles and objectives.

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