How to Use YouTube for Business

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YouTube is a website where one has the opportunity to share their videos with the rest of the world. One can upload their personal videos and other videos like movie clips, music videos, TV clips, video bloggings and video presentations etc. and share those with the world. Though one can use YouTube for entertainment purposes, however, this video sharing website certainly serves business purposes as well. One can nicely use YouTube to support their business and help it grow. However, you need to know how to use YouTube for business. There are certain tips and tricks which could prove to be pretty useful for developing your business with the help of YouTube.

Using YouTube for Business

Let's see how to use YouTube for business successfully. There are a number of ways you can use YouTube to help your business grow. Be it providing useful information to your customers and prospective customers, or doing marketing and advertising for your products or services or even providing customer services, YouTube can be used for all purposes.

Video Presentations

You can provide information about your products or services through YouTube. You can make video presentation about your products / services or any other areas relating to it and upload the video in the YouTube. Your customers and prospective customers can learn about your products through these videos.

You can also provide valuable tips through videos and upload those on the site. By this way, you can make your customers well-informed about the discussed topic. It helps your company to win the trust of the customers.

One can also conduct an interview with an expert and upload the video on YouTube. Your customers will always be interested to learn a bit from the experts.

You can also provide research reports on your business area and make a video presentation on it. You then can upload the video on YouTube.

Marketing and Advertising

YouTube is a wonderful platform to do marketing and advertising for your business. You can set up a channel which would represent and reflect your brand. You also need to choose an appropriate user name for that. Now, add the URL of your channel to social network profiles and marketing collateral. You can also upload customer video testimonials, which would help you to win the trusts of your customers.

You can also make multimedia presentation of your products / services which will explain your products in detail like its features, advantages etc. You can also showcase your product in action, which can be presented in a move trailer-style to make it more attractive.

YouTube can also be used to promote your business events. You can upload videos of your previous business events. Promotional videos can also be uploaded.

You can also take your customers on tour to your office through video. By this way, your customers and prospective customers will feel connected with you.

You need to post links of your YouTube videos to other social networking sites.

You can drive more traffic to your videos by adding "Call-to-Action Overlays". You can also learn the traffic details as well as performance of your website. Use Google Analytics and YouTube Insight.

Customer Service

YouTube can also be used to provide customer services. You can create "how to" videos and post those on YouTube. You can also provide solutions to common problems relating to your products or services.

Revenue through Adsense

Google adsense provides you with an opportunity to earn through video views generated for your video uploads.

Last Updated on 7th July 2011