Indian CEO on Twitter

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Twitter, the popular social networking and microblogging site has already created a huge craze among the users of all age group and profession. Be it the students or the working professionals, be it the sportspersons or the writers, be it the politicians or the corporate stalwarts – everyone is getting fanatic to twitter these days. Like top corporate leaders in other countries, one can find a number of Indian CEO on Twitter. They find twitter a wonderful platform to put their thoughts in front of the world. Besides, they also use twitter to connect with the rest of the world including their customers, employees, friends, and admirers etc.

List of Indian CEO on Twitter

There are a number of India CEOs using twitter these days.
Following is the list of some of the Indian CEO who are using twitter as on 15/02/2010.

Allwin Agnel

Name Allwin Agnel
Twitter Id
Follower 547
Following 107
Tweets 898
Listed 20
Location PG HQ
Bio Founder -
Latest Update One bad programmer can easily create
two new jobs a year. 4:33 PM Feb 13th from TweetDeck

Kiruba Shankar

Name Kiruba Shankar
Twitter Id
Follower 52,902
Following 49,156
Tweets 3,273
Listed 1044
Location Chennai
Bio CEO of Business Blogging, Social Media Enthusiast, Podcaster, Teacher, Columnist, Wikipedian, Farmer and Proud Dad.
Latest Update In LA currently, staying with Spencer Gomez who surprised me with tickets to Avatar at Imax. It will be my first inaccurate experience. 10:45 AM Feb 14th from mobile web

Kris Nair (Founder, Opdrage Venture Partners)

Name Kris Nair
Twitter Id
Follower 1,091
Following 203
Tweets 2,146
Listed 28
Location New Delhi
Bio Entrepreneur behind the Entrepreneurs. Angel Investor. Indian Military Academy dropout. A mind in the chaos that's quiet. Riemann Zeta. Aviator. Self Made.
Latest Update In Delhi, muscle is mightier than your GMAT score. about 5 hours ago from

Pranav Bhasin

Name Pranav Bhasin
Twitter Id
Follower 1,503
Following 1,427
Tweets 2,078
Listed 49
Location Bangalore
Bio Entrepreneur and Evangelist, Photography-Cycling-Trekking Enthusiast, Latest Venture
Latest Update RT @sidh256: Viru has no technique but amazing power. Rahul has no power but amazing technique. Sachin has both. Ponting has none. about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

Rajesh Lalwani (Founder, )

Name Rajesh Lalwani
Twitter Id
Follower 1,956
Following 196
Tweets 7,596
Listed 134
Location New Delhi
Bio Entrepreneur; Founder Blogworks; Social Media, Branding, Marketing Strategies
Latest Update Is there a tool that lets you create screensavers? 35 minutes ago from Echofon

Rajiv Dingra

Name Rajiv Dingra
Twitter Id
Follower 1,650
Following 196
Tweets 2,776
Listed 84
Location India
Bio Founder personal blog on
Latest Update gmail needs to immediately add an email scheduling feature!! I for one would use it for sure! about 19 hours ago from Echofon

Rajiv Poddar (Founder,

Name Rajiv
Twitter Id
Follower 1,723
Following 1,377
Tweets 459
Location Bangalore
Listed 14
Bio Skype recording, transcription, collaboration.
Latest Update ITJil Call Graph: Skype recording, transcription, collaboration #edtech #elearning #distanceed
8:15 PM Feb 13th from HootSuite Retweeted by callgraph and 1 other

Shantanu Ghosh (VP, India head, Symantec Corp)

Name Shantanu Ghosh
Twitter Id
Follower 190
Following 20
Tweets 411
Listed 8
Location Pune
Bio Traveller, Foodie, Gearhead
Latest Update Police asking people to be vigilant about unidentified bags and objects in public places. 11:06 PM Feb 13th from UberTwitter

Simarprit Singh

Name Simarprit Singh
Twitter Id
Follower 1268
Following 352
Tweets 8392
Listed 73
Location San Jose and New Delhi
Bio Founder of and I make a living out of incubating internet ideas. I tweet on SEO, India, food, photoblogs and Sikhism
Latest Update I am smiling, a smile on Monday is a rarity with me and that also at lunch break - OMG please don't move away about 2 hours ago from web

Sukumar Rajagopal

Name Sukumar Rajagopal
Twitter Id
Follower 1,778
Following 1,409
Tweets 5,044
Listed 68
Location Chennai
Bio SVP/Head of Innovation, Cognizant. former CKO. Social. History. Anthropology. Culture. #KM.SWEBOK. Technology. Toastmaster. Indus Valley Researcher. Management.
Latest Update @rajamanohar congrats. Well done. about 2 hours ago from UberTwitter in reply to rajamanohar

Vijay Anand

Name Vijay Anand
Twitter Id
Follower 2,615
Following 964
Tweets 3,592
Listed 288
Location Chennai
Bio Entrepreneur, Founder of, Indian Startup ecosystem Advocate. Mentor. The Startup Guy!
Latest Update Feb 14, 2010. A Day of loss. RIP @rochmenon. This day will forever be marked for you. about 16 hours ago from DestroyTwitter

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