Tips to Use Facebook for Business

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Facebook, the popular social networking website, can turn out to be a wonderful tool for promoting your business. A website where people can add friends, send messages and describe themselves in their profiles as well as can edit those, Facebook can be used beyond this social communications, where it can be used as a marketing tool. One can use Facebook tactfully in business purposes and it gives wonderful results. However, you need to learn the techniques of how it can be used for business.

Inside the Facebook

The idea of creating Facebook is to develop a platform where users can communicate with each other. They can add friend and enhance their network, communicate with others by exchanging messages etc. Users also give a brief description about themselves in their profiles. Users can also update information about themselves so that their friends can know the latest updates about them. Users also have the option to join a network organized by region, city, workplace, and even school etc.

Some Useful Tips to Use Facebook for Business

Once you have learnt the features and functionalities of Facebook, you can start using it for the business purposes. Being innovative is the success mantra for effectively using Facebook for business purposes. Following provided are some useful tips to use Facebook for business successfully.

New Wall and Tabs Layout

Give your Facebook page a new look to attract your customers. You can change the layout and design your page according to your business-line. Your page would represent your company. Hence, while designing the layout, you can keep the vision & mission of your organization. The design should also consider the nature of your target audience. Your page should contain the logo of your company. You should also add links, share other information etc. There can also be a feed where updates about your organization as well as fans' wall posts would be shown.

Manage Your Profile

Facebook is for communicating with others. But, before you start communication, let others know you. Provide brief description about your company. You can also create your friends lists as well. Post a logo or any other photograph that would represent your organization. You should also install proper applications so that you can integrate your feeds from your blog or any other social media accounts. You also need to provide information on your newsletter subscription as well as archives.

Connect and Share

Once you have created your profile, the next thing that you should start doing is to connect with others. Facebook provides you the wonderful opportunity to communicate with your customers as well as your prospective customers. A Facebook vanity URL will help your customers to find you easily.

There are several ways you can stay connected to your clients and others. Regularly post business updates on your wall. While doing so, you need to keep focus on your business activities. You can also share useful articles as well as other links to useful information, so that you can establish credibility to your prospective clients.

Combining your Facebook account with other social media tools is a wonderful way to increase your network. By this way, you can answer a question from a Twitter user through a blog and then link it from your Facebook account.

Try to increase your network. Looking for mutual contacts on the friend lists of your contacts could be helpful for this purpose.

You can also add social networking features in our website. You can use Facebook Connect for that.

Avoid Adding Too Many Friends

Enhancing your network doesn't mean "collecting" friends at a random. While adding someone as your friend, do it carefully. Here it's the quality that matter most than the quantity. It is always good to have quality 'friend's in your network than a huge number of un-impressive friends.

Feed News to the Feeds of Your Fans

As the old business pages of Facebook were static in nature, it used to get disconnected from the rest of Facebook and thousands of users. You can use news feeds to get connected with your fans. Feed your news to the feeds of your fans. It'll cast away the barrier between personal and commercial information fed.


Facebook can also be used for running low cost campaigns. However, the trick is, don't try to sell your products/services; instead, promote your Facebook Fan Page. You can also promote various research data, white paper, education content and events to establish your credibility.

Last Updated on 7th July 2011