India International Trade

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India International Trade reflects the growing prominence of Indian economy in the global market, in turn leading to an international economic recovery. The development of the international economic environment has helped the other developing countries as well, improving the entire global economy. The present liberal trading policies taken by the Indian government have facilitated the establishment of an just international economic order setting up a symbiotic relation between the developed and developing countries.

The liberal reforms launched so far have attracted many investors to participate in the India International Trade. The penetration of the Indian market by the several multinational companies have encouraged many Indian companies to strive for international recognition. For instance, India is one of the major exporting nations with an overflow of scientists in the field.

India International Trade had been influenced by the Indian external economic environment of 2005-06 and 2006-07. The growth in output and trade of India International Trade, in spite of increasing global imbalances, protracted Doha negotiations, volatile international crude oil prices, and inflation have been found to be increasing.

India International Trade Center:
India International Trade Center is not just a profit based but a membership based International Trade Promotion Organization. The activities of India International Trade Center are regulated by ministry of external affairs, Government of India and recognized by Government of Maharashtra. India International Trade is encouraged by various programmes on Export-Import Promotion and Industrial Development as conducted by the India International Trade Center. The events organized by them are useful to Indian and Foreign companies for enhancing their business in the global market.

The India International Trade Fair: Another important instrument encouraging India International Trade is the India International Trade Fair, organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), the main trade promotion agency of the Government of India.

The India International Trade have successfully placed India as one of the major players in the global economy, with bilateral and multilateral trade relations with different foreign countries.