Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions

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Mergers and acquisitions bring a number of changes within the organization. The size of the organizations change, its stocks, shares and assets also change, even the ownership may also change due to the mergers and acquisitions. The mergers and acquisitions play a major role on the activities of the organizations. However, the impact of mergers and acquisitions varies from entity to entity; it depends upon the group of people who are being discussed here. The impact of mergers and acquisitions also depend on the structure of the deal.

Possible Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions

Have a look at the impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on different segments of business.
  • Impacts on Employees
    Mergers and acquisitions may have great economic impact on the employees of the organization. In fact, mergers and acquisitions could be pretty difficult for the employees as there could always be the possibility of layoffs after any merger or acquisition. If the merged company is pretty sufficient in terms of business capabilities, it doesn't need the same amount of employees that it previously had to do the same amount of business. As a result, layoffs are quite inevitable. Besides, those who are working, would also see some changes in the corporate culture. Due to the changes in the operating environment and business procedures, employees may also suffer from emotional and physical problems.

  • Impact on Management
    The percentage of job loss may be higher in the management level than the general employees. The reason behind this is the corporate culture clash. Due to change in corporate culture of the organization, many managerial level professionals, on behalf of their superiors, need to implement the corporate policies that they might not agree with. It involves high level of stress.

  • Impact on Shareholders
    Impact of mergers and acquisitions also include some economic impact on the shareholders. If it is a purchase, the shareholders of the acquired company get highly benefited from the acquisition as the acquiring company pays a hefty amount for the acquisition. On the other hand, the shareholders of the acquiring company suffer some losses after the acquisition due to the acquisition premium and augmented debt load.

  • Impact on Competition
    Mergers and acquisitions have different impact as far as market competitions are concerned. Different industry has different level of competitions after the mergers and acquisitions. For example, the competition in the financial services industry is relatively constant. On the other hand, change of powers can also be observed among the market players.