Credit Card Comparisons

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The question of credit card comparisons arises when the time comes to choose a credit card. It is important to select a card that is appropriate for the person keeping in mind all the other details of criteria as issued by the bank or the issuing company. There are several points that need to be kept in mind when selecting a card.

Which credit card is the best for you?

Selecting the right card is very important. A wrong choice of a credit card may result in a lot of hassles subsequent handling and using the card is concerned.
  • Credit Limit – the primary point to refer is the credit limit that would be required. It is only then that a proper comparison can be done of all the banks who are offering cards in that category of credit limit.

  • Credit Time Offered – it is an important aspect of credit card transactions. There are certain banks that do not offer additional credit time apart from their standard issuance dates. It may be accordingly suitable or otherwise for different people.

  • Rate of Interest – rates of interest for credit cards vary from each other on ground of different credit limits and credit periods. They may also vary from bank to bank. There are banks that do not charge any interest when the payment is made in the first payment date itself. However there are rigorous interests that are charged when a cardholder fails to make the same and is regarded as a defaulter.

  • Eligibility Criteria – there are banks that are very stringent in their policies. They are very selective about the personal and professional background of the credit card applicant. This may not always be seen as a positive thing by an applicant. It may create apprehensions in their minds about future difficulties in transactions with the bank.

  • Acceptance of the Card – it is safe to check the popularity or even the acceptance rate of a card before opting for it. It is safe to find out if the card will be accepted at the places where maximum transactions are done.

Comparison of various Credit Card Options

There are several credit card options that are available in modern India from all the banks and financial institutions. Quite a few of these are made available on acceptable terms and conditions and therefore no longer fall out of reach of the ordinary citizen.

Bank name Card Name Eligibility Criteria
(in income in INR)
Eligibility Criteria
(in age in years)
Citibank Indian Oil Credit Card - 18
Citibank Jet Airways Gold Credit Card - 21-70
Citibank Jet Airways Platinum Credit Card - 21-70
Citibank Shoppers Stop Silver Credit Card - 21-70
HDFC Silver Credit Card 2,00,000 21-60
HDFC Gold Credit Card 2,00,000 21-60
HDFC Titanium Credit Card - -
HDFC Platinum Credit Card - -
HSBC Platinum Credit Card 600,000 18
HSBC Gold Credit Card 2,40,000 18
HSBC Classic Credit Card 1,44,000 18
ICICI Bank HPCL Credit Card 2,40,000 23
ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Credit Card 2,40,000 23
ICICI Bank Titanium Credit Card 4,80,000 23
ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card 4,80,000 23
Standard Chartered Air Sahara Credit Card - -
SBI Gold Credit Card - -
SBI Silver Credit Card - -
SBI Platinum Credit Card - -