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JM Financial is the subsidiary company of JM Financial & Investment Consultancy Services. JM Financial Ltd's business includes stock and share broking, securities underwriting of debentures and shares, and finance broking.

The company also provides services in asset management, trust, and investment banking. JM Financial is regrouping itself and this involves the establishment of 5 subsidiaries for trading, securities broking, insurance broking, NBFC business, and insurance trading. The JM Financial Company has set up in Singapore, the IL & FS Investsmart Asia Pacific in order to get hold of the opportunities in that particular region. JM Financial has brought up an investment program worth ` 400-500 million in 2006. The company is going to use this money to establish offices in the far eastern countries to expand the number of branches and also to take a membership with the Dubai Gold Exchange.

The Company JM Financial is also planning to enter into the sector of insurance business.
As a part of the regrouping of the company, it has established JM Financial Commtrade Company which is a commodity broking and trading company. The JM Financial Company will be starting its 1st capital venture fund called the JM Financial India Fund which is duly registered with the SEBI.

The total income of the JM Financial amounted to ` 92.12 million in 2005-2006 and the next year the figure stood at ` 18.59 million. The net profit of the company amounted to ` 86.27 million in 2005- 2006 and the next year the figure amounted to ` 3.77 million. As is evident, the total income, as well as the profit levels of the JM Financial Ltd. has come down by a huge margin. JM Financial has tried to restructure itself so that the company can improve its functioning. This might help the company increase its levels of profit.

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