Gruh Finance

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Gruh Finance is one of the biggest private-sector housing finance corporations in India. It is recognized by the National Housing Bank which is the premiere agency controlling the Indian housing finance industry.

The company indulges in business pertaining to housing finance and acceptance of retail deposits. The company is engaged in product and service development which would fulfill the demand of the customers to avail easy loans for the construction of houses and at the same time fit the budgets of the customer. The financial structure of the loans must be convenient to the loanee.

Gruh Finance mainly engages in the commercial activity of providing long term finance to individuals for the purchase, construction, extension, renovation, repair, and shop loans. The company also provides professional loans and loans for the construction of office premises. The future focus of the company is to tap the western rural sector of India and make housing loans easily accessible to the villagers. The company follows the best trade practices and believes in utmost transparency with the customers and share holders.

Board of directors of Gruh Finance:
  • Mr.K.M. Mistry
  • Mr. S.M.Palia
  • Mr.Rohit C. Mehta
  • Mr. Prafull Anubhai
  • Ms. Renu S. Karnad
  • Mr. K. G. Krishnamurthy
  • Mr. K.Muralidharan
  • Mr. Sudhin Choksey

Management body of Gruh Finance:
  • Mr. Kamlesh Shah, General Manager (Corporate Office)
  • Mr. Jayesh Jain, (CFO)
  • Mr. Avinash Srivastava, Deputy General Manager (Maharashtra)
  • Mr. Suresh Iyer, Deputy General Manager (Operations)
  • Mr. Amit Chokshi, Deputy General Manager (Gujarat)
  • Mr. Marcus Lobo, (Company Secretary)
  • Mr. Dharmesh Bhavsar, South Gujarat Area
  • Mr. Manish Gandhi, North Gujarat Area
  • Mr. Umesh Agrawal, Aurangabad and Nasik Area
The products of Gruh Finance:
  • Loans
  • Gruh Suraksha
  • Gruh Samruddhi
  • Gruh Sahyog
  • Gruh Sajavat
  • Gruh Suvidha
  • Gruh Shubh Labh
Retail deposit:
  • Gruh Fixed Deposit
  • Monthly Income
  • Cumulative Growthv
  • Annual Income
  • Quarterly Income
  • Insurance

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