2010 Budget Finance/Insurance/Investment Industry Expectations

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The Finance Minister of India is due to announce the Union Budget of India for the 2010-2011 on the 26th of February, 2010.

The difficult economic scenario across the world in the year 2009 not only saw a loss of job opportunities but an economic freezing in the process of investments also. This included investments in mutual funds, investment products as well as in the insurance sector.

There are several expectations from the 2010 Budget in the sectors of Finance, Insurance, and Investment. There is an expected increase of foreign investments that will generate more funds in the financial services industry. Sectors like print media, education are also expected to gain from the foreign investment. The official declaration of the end of recession all over the world is bringing fresh job opportunities which are likely to boost the insurance and investment sectors as well. This will be coupled with a renewed boost in the financial segment with newer industrial ventures and investment opportunities.

luqman ahmed, City:-Hyderabad, Posted On :-2010-02-03 02:18:33
i am legendman
Mukesh Soni, City:-Mumbai, Posted On :-2010-02-05 10:01:41
Salaried persons should be given additional benefit upto income of ` 10.00 Lac per annum
rajesh kumar bafna, City:-Chhattisgarh, Posted On :-2010-02-05 13:12:52
shold be good budget for all community
joginder singh Charak, City:-Jammu and Kashmir, Posted On :-2010-02-08 09:56:09
i want a low cast budget for Retired person and also want increase some pension payment thanks,
vinaykumarsingh, City:-Agra, Posted On :-2010-02-08 16:47:24
lower the rate of brokerages in share market
M. Swain, City:-Orissa, Posted On :-2010-02-09 12:16:03
Prices of essential commodities including gas and petrol should be at reasonable level. All autonomous organisations under different ministries of Government of India should be given similar status as the GoI employess have.
Santosh, City:-Maharashtra, Posted On :-2010-02-09 16:56:09
Reduction in Commodities prices ( Esp gas, cereals), increase in infrastructure projects, Reduction in taxes for Individuals
SANJAY KUMAR, City:-Ludhiana, Posted On :-2010-02-10 21:53:48
1.Tax Saving Investments Limit (sec80)incresed. 2. Tax Salb Rate Increased. 3. Universal Taxation System.
Prasad, City:-Chennai, Posted On :-2010-02-11 15:14:14
Prasad, City:-Chennai, Posted On :-2010-02-11 15:14:16
D Manoharan, City:-Coimbatore, Posted On :-2010-02-13 21:13:15
increase in IT Slab
Parimal, City:-Pune, Posted On :-2010-02-14 23:29:39
Investment returns under EEE,

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