2010 Budget FMCG Industry Expectations

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2010 Budget FMCG Industry Expectations - The FMCG sector is one that saw a growth in the year 2009. The steady rise in prices saw an industry growth by 12%. Additionally there was a excise reduction as offered by the stimulus package as offered by the previous budget. In 2010 the FMCG industry is slated for a growth of 15% compared with that of 2009.

Expectations of the FMCG industry - The primary expectation of the FMCG industry from the Budget of 2010 -11 is that of tax benefits and better infrastructural benefits.

Despite the economic turbulence along with factors like the swine flu in 2009 there were signs of revival in the hospitality industrial sector towards the end of the year. This industry is however expecting tax benefits along with better infrastructural facilities like better roads and increased connectivity with airports and railway stations and roadways.

In 2009 the Sugar industry was badly hit with repercussions in its prices. A severe shortage of supply saw a severe rise in the domestic price of sugar in India. In the 2010 Budget of the FMCG Industry certain governmental decontrolling is expected. Production enhancements through a recovery of sick units are also essential. Tax benefits will be an added advantage so that a process of recovery and increased production can be pursued.

Anindita Basu, City:-Kolkata, Posted On :-2010-02-01 17:22:54
I expect gold prices to come down rigorously to what they were 24 months back.
md abbas, City:-Mumbai, Posted On :-2010-02-09 16:16:28
my expectation is minium of current budget. please
mitesh, City:-Gujarat, Posted On :-2010-02-09 17:08:15
cheaper fmcg
Bhaskar.V, City:-Hyderabad, Posted On :-2010-02-14 13:04:07
Incom taxlimitation to be increase.Sugar price to be reduced
Sudheer kumar.M, City:-Hyderabad, Posted On :-2010-02-14 13:09:04
Reducation the taxes in paper products & all comodity prices
MOHRIR SANDIPKUMAR BHASKAR, City:-Maharashtra, Posted On :-2010-02-14 15:01:22

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