2010 Budget Health Industry Expectations

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The health industry saw an uneventful budget in 2009. It has its own expectations from the Budget of 2010 - 2011. A primary area of concern lies in the healthcare development of rural India. It has three-fourth of the Indian population but lacks in essential healthcare facilities like medicines and life saving drugs, trained medical personnel and doctors, facilities for diagnosis of important diseases and ailments. There is also a lack of effective management to run the medical and healthcare management of rural areas.

The 2010 Budget health industry expectations range from subsidies on various essential items like that of life saving drugs to that of equipments for diagnostic purpose. Tax incentives are also will be an added advantage. Tax exemptions to existing hospitals and health institutions will give a boost to the growth of more such hospitals and health institutions in rural areas. There is an increasing requirement for healthcare facilities in India especially in the rural and remote areas.

anjan, City:-Hyderabad, Posted On :-2010-02-04 12:06:53
prices should come down and every individual common is able to enjoy the thngs
sasidharan puthiyadeth, City:-Kerala, Posted On :-2010-02-06 18:10:45
standard deduction should be increased, insurance charges for private vehicles to be reduced
Navin, City:-Kolkata, Posted On :-2010-02-07 22:06:34
More relief to the salaried middle class please.
Selvakumar, City:-Coimbatore, Posted On :-2010-02-08 13:28:19
all PSU should be privatized including postal dept so that we can see very fast development of our country
pritamsingh bayas, City:-, Posted On :-2010-02-08 13:48:20
The taxes and indirect taxes sould go dwn with the inflation increasing and price index
Rajinder Kachroo, City:-Delhi, Posted On :-2010-02-08 15:28:59
reductions in duties on essential commodities including petroleum products
harinder deswal, City:-Haryana, Posted On :-2010-02-08 20:19:19
i think it is the game of numbers public always suffers,
Prasanta Chakraborty, City:-Mumbai, Posted On :-2010-02-09 10:57:04
Less personal tax/ Increase in gratuity exemption
Subhendu, City:-Bangalore, Posted On :-2010-02-09 19:09:46
Better result on Income Tax level. As per pre-memoradum hope the exemption limit will increase.
Chandra shekher, City:-, Posted On :-2010-02-11 10:02:13
goverment reduce the price of basic food items any way, reduce the subsidy on petrol and diesel used in car 1. there are many family who is poor but not get BPL card and they are not find food for two times,govmeent assure to give food them by way to reduce basic grin price. the govment must close janani surakhsha yajana, shwaysthay bima yogna and the money save from above yogna must give subsidy for food 2. Acualy BPL card issued to those person who are not realy poor but have power in election
AkhilNagar, City:-Ahmedabad, Posted On :-2010-02-15 22:32:35
control on inflation, creation of more jobs, Internal safty and security,stabilty of prices of foodgrains and etables.affordable education


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