Hospitality industry 2010 budget expectations

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Despite the economic turbulence along with factors like the swine flu in 2009 there were signs of revival in the hospitality industrial sector towards the end of the year. The 2010 Budget for the Hospitality Industry expectations are embedded for growth oriented policies ahead in the year.

This industry is however expecting tax benefits along with better infrastructural facilities like better roads and increased connectivity with airports and railway stations and roadways.

A chief recommendation of the hospitality industry associations to the Indian government is the creation of a national Commission on Tourism. In this way there will be a concerted effort towards a comprehensive growth of the hospitality industry. Other expectations of the hospitality industry include a better connectivity to tourist destinations and construction of better and new roadways.

There are expectations by the Indian hotel industry that reeled a lot under the aftereffects of the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 26th November 2008. They are looking for a balanced tax structure in the 2010 Budget for hospitality industry. This will help them to sustain the competitive markets of other south east Asian countries.

Murali, City:-Kerala, Posted On :-2010-02-05 12:36:35
This budget is is going to be corporate friendly rather than common man friendly because there is no elections at sight.
shriram, City:-Jaipur, Posted On :-2010-02-15 23:16:18

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