2010 Budget Other Industry Expectations

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After being placed at the 22nd spot by World Economic Forum's annual survey in its 2008 Global Competitiveness Report, India is laying more emphasis towards generating skilled and proficient workforce for operating its industries.

2010 Budget Other Industry Expectations are allocation of monetary incentives, measures for improving industrial operations, reduction in taxes and finance for new plans.

Rahul, City:-Bangalore, Posted On :-2010-02-01 17:29:17
Withdrawal of Security Transaction Tax and IT Reforms.
Apurv Bhagat, City:-Kolkata, Posted On :-2010-02-01 17:33:59
Price Reduction, National Security, Removal of Poverty.
VISHAL KADBANE, City:-Pune, Posted On :-2010-02-02 14:57:08
RAKESH, City:-, Posted On :-2010-02-02 17:08:21
V.V.S.Vamshi Krishna, City:-Hyderabad, Posted On :-2010-02-03 15:11:18
I dont much about budget, but being an engineer wanna comfortable life. Daily nessicities should be of bearable cost,like Rice, Dal, Edible Oil, Fancy Items, Milk, Transport etc should be in control
anamika, City:-Haryana, Posted On :-2010-02-03 15:38:14
it should be favourable to common people
sanjay singh, City:-Darjiling, Posted On :-2010-02-04 17:23:25
sugar is very dear,why kya bharat ki sarkar kamjor ho gayi hai? isi tarah sabhi saman/vastu adi mahange hai budget kya khak banayenge. Agar chahte ho budget banana,to pahle sarkar ko samjhana.karo dusman par aisa vaar ek bar main ban jaye budget.understand budget maker,
rajiv chawla, City:-Delhi, Posted On :-2010-02-04 19:51:25
expect the income tax exemption limit to go up sec 80 c to be increased the relief on the ineterst exemption on housing loan should go up
priyanka masih, City:-Delhi, Posted On :-2010-02-04 22:49:45
households, car, amenities will be more expensive
S Goswami, City:-Kolkata, Posted On :-2010-02-05 17:39:34
Rationalisation of Tax for Salaried class...
Ravinder Sharma, City:-Chandigarh, Posted On :-2010-02-07 18:13:31
rates of all house hold items should come down. Luxury items may be increased. Petrol rate should be stabled.
Meenu Kanodia, City:-Delhi, Posted On :-2010-02-10 17:15:11
It should be more good rather than previous budgets.
KM Babu, City:-Hyderabad, Posted On :-2010-02-10 23:18:16
Upto Rs.10 lac per annum there should not be any Income Tax.
manisha Sharma, City:-Delhi, Posted On :-2010-02-11 22:08:56
Goverment will have tough time making choice for increasing taxation.With food price srunning high it should not touch diesel prices or gas prices.economy is just taking off so it should not impose extra duties on computer, FMCG. However white goods , cigarrettes, liquor will not be spared so will not be auto sector.spared.er industry,
RAJ, City:-Bangalore, Posted On :-2010-02-12 13:07:19
To reduce service tax for consulting
saravanababu, City:-Allahabad, Posted On :-2010-02-12 13:59:34
more money relaxation
VISHAL SINGHAL, City:-Delhi, Posted On :-2010-02-13 11:40:14
it should be salaried classed friendly in view of increased inflation in recent times and lower salary revision in the name of recession of Oil PSU. these should be some mean to access the actual income to bussiness class and tax thereon.
Naveen, City:-Hyderabad, Posted On :-2010-02-14 16:25:25
i think this budget will be very heavy one !
S.Balachander, City:-, Posted On :-2010-02-14 17:03:55
all the items should be of affordable cost
yttagtupue, City:-Kerala, Posted On :-2010-02-15 11:46:41
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Manish Kumar Raman, City:-Maharashtra, Posted On :-2010-02-15 14:34:31
No expectations it never serves the need of a person.
Parameshwaragowda, City:-Bangalore, Posted On :-2010-02-15 16:06:28
Railway Double Lanes in Karnataka are to be sanctioned. Number of Trains are to be increased all over Karnataka. Especially from Bangalore other places. Power Crisis to be solved. Drinking Water to the whole State of Karnataka to be developed including villages and major cities. Roads are to be upgraded all over Karnataka. Roads are in bad Shapes. NICE ROAD to BANGALORE to MYSORE is to be finished by Court Verdict as early as possible, so that, peak hour traffic on regular roads can be countered. Industrial Development at NORTH KARNATAKA like HUBLI, DHARWAR, BELLARY, BELGAUM, BIDAR, GULBARGA, RAICHUR, CHITRADURGA etc., to be developed. More over all these areas/places are to be given importance for total development to avoid overcrowding of BANGALORE CITY.
ajay, City:-Jharkhand, Posted On :-2010-02-15 16:44:58
Dnyaneshwar Raut, City:-Maharashtra, Posted On :-2010-02-15 22:52:34
Income Tax limit should be increased Flat rate should be applied.
Naman Sharma, City:-Chandigarh, Posted On :-2010-02-16 10:29:30
i m expecting lots of things from budget.specially from the food prizes,who all are incrises day by day

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