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KSB Pumps was set up in 1960 by Germany's KSB AG which is one of the biggest manufacturers of pumps in the world. KSB Pumps Ltd. deals in businesses that include the manufacture of industrial valves and pumps driven by power.

The company has diverse sectors of application, ranging from energy technology and water engineering to building services, mining technology, and industrial processes. KSB Pumps is also engaged in providing solutions in various other spheres such as air-conditioning and heating problems. The products of KSB Pumps Company are put into use by the petrochemical, chemical, and various other industries. KSB Pumps' products are used by the industries to transport corrosive, viscous, and explosive liquids. Its products are also utilized in municipal and industrial waste-water.

KSB Pumps' manufacturing units are situated at:
  • Mala in Kerala
  • Nashik in Ahmednagar
  • Pune in Maharashtra
  • Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu

The company has a very wide network of distributors and there are more than 500 service centers and dealers of KSB Pumps. The total income of KSB Pumps amounted to ` 1135.00 million in 2005- 2006 and the next year, this figure stood at ` 1138.00 million. The net profit of the KSB Pumps Ltd. amounted to ` 170.00 million in 2005-2006 and the year after that, the figure amounted to ` 80 million. Thus it can be seen that although the total income of KSB Pumps increased marginally, there has been a steep decline in the net profit of the company.

Nonetheless, KSB Pumps has become one of the topmost companies in the pumps manufacture sector in India. The company has been able to achieve this rank due to its quality control measures that has led to customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the company. The pumps manufactured by the company are used in sectors such as Sewage and Waste, Chemical Generation, Power Generation, and Water Supply. KSB Pumps employs more than 13,000 people and is renowned for providing value for money and extensive post-sales care through their regional service network.

KSB Pumps caters to a number of industries such as the sugar industry, paper industry, food industry, and mining industry. The company's products are also used in a diverse range of applications such as pulp-handling, condensate handling, solvent extraction, and drip irrigation.

The company can be contacted at:
KSB Pumps Limited
Mr. Y.I. Buch
Mumbai-Pune Road
PUNE - 411 018

Tel. +91 20 2710 1231
Fax +91 20 2742 6000

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