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OCL India Limited was set up as a public limited cement company in 1949 and was then known as Orissa Cement Limited. The company was initially established to manufacture cement but later on in 1954 it was transformed into a refractory production company under the diversion plans of the Indian government.

Products of OCL India:

With the passage of time, OCL India Limited has become the most prominent players in the refractory production sector, catering to the needs of various clients requiring different categories of refractories to facilitate their respective production units.

The diverse classes of refractories include simple/basic refractories and high quality refractories that are usually needed for uninterrupted casting purpose. OCL India Limited prepares special refractories for specific purposes such as for high temperature blast furnace stoves that require refractories with a high content of alumina as well as refractories for purging activities.

The company possesses significant expertise in the production of silica refractories that are essential for glass factories and are also required in coke ovens. OCL India Limited also produces technologically advanced and efficient castables, magnesia carbon bricks, as well as pre-cast blocks.

Joint Ventures of OCL India:

OCL India Limited boasts of a substantial list of ventures with significant foreign companies in the international refractory sector. The company is continuously undergoing the process of upgradation with the assistance of foreign companies as T.Y.K. Corporation of Japan which aids OCL India Limited in the production of better quality products as:

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)410
Profit after Tax(PAT)114.47
MCAP (Market Capitalization)522.97

  • Pre-cast blocks
  • Alumina silicon carbide carbon
  • Magnesia carbon bricks
  • Continuous casting refractories
  • Alumina magnesia carbon refractories
  • New generation castables
General Refractories of U.S.A assisted OCL India Limited in the upgradation of its manufacturing plant and in adding new products to the existing product list. The company was immensely benefited by Dr. C. Otto and Co. of Germany, for its technical support and has entered into agreement with Pilibrico Gmbh of Luxembourg to receive assistance in the production of gas-purging refractories.

Research and Development Labs of OCL India:

OCL India Limited has formulated a separate department for research related works with regard to betterment of the production process as well as improvement in the product standard of the company. The company has aided in the set up of Dalmia Institute of Scientific and industrial research and has employed skilled people to incorporate latest applications in its production units. OCL India Limited has been recognized with ISO 9001 Certificate from RWTUV of Germany for the adherence to the guidelines of RWTUV with regard to the varied products of the company like concast refractories refractory bricks, slide gate, and pre-cast refractories.

Production Capacity of OCL India:

OCL India Limited is presently capable of producing large quantities of basic burnt bricks, silica bricks, and magnesia carbon bricks. The quantity of basic burnt bricks has touched 24,000 million tons and that of silica bricks and magnesia carbon bricks, 25,000 million tons and 20,000 million tons respectively. The quantity of production of continuous casting refractories is 800 million tons and that of castables (in addition to pre-cast blocks) is around 200 million tons. Fireclay and high alumina bricks contribute nearly 6,000 million tons to the company's output.

Last Updated on 1/4/2012

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