Opto Circuits (India)

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Opto Circuits (India) Limited has grown in prominence over the years and is a leading companies that manufacture Cholesterol monitors, Pulse Oximeters, and Fluid Warmers. The company has been immensely facilitated by its research and development unit in Bangalore where it also has its headquarters.

Opto Circuits (India) Limited possesses expertise in the production of electronic equipments and is engaged in the manufacture of several categories into which electrical equipment is classified. The infrared emitters are unique instruments with the capacity to give out infrared rays of light which are imperceptible to the naked eye. The emitters are available with printed circuit boards, lead emitting diode chips, gold wirings, ceramic carriers, and lead frames. The other categories include photo sensors, emitter assemblies, and photo detectors utilized for various purposes like calculating speed, viewing objects, analyzing motion, and measuring the distance of the target destination

Recognitions received by Opto Circuits (India):

Opto Circuits (India) Limited has been acknowledged with various certifications as a proof of its adherence to the existing quality standards in international and domestic electronics sectors. The company has been recognized with ISO 9001:2000 certification for its technologically advanced products. Even the subsidiaries of the company have obtained the commendation of FDA on account of the instruments manufactured by them. The Indian government has discerned it the status of a 2 star trading house involved in both the manufacture as well as export of opto-tools. The workings of Opto Circuits (India) Limited has also earned the approval of CE. Opto Circuits (India) Limited has been recently accredited with ISO13485:2003 for quality which has boosted the confidence and performance of the company manifold.

Other Products of Opto Circuits (India):

Opto Circuits (India) Limited simultaneously engages in the production of healthcare and opto-electronics products. The range of healthcare products include digital thermometers, which are updated versions of ordinary thermometers, having a thermistor and a microprocessor chip, available in 4 varieties, of which the rectal thermometer is especially prepared for babies. The pulse oximeter is used to measure the quantity of oxygen and gives out signals to communicate the time-to-time oxygen levels in the blood. The fluid warmers produced by Opto Circuits (India) Limited work on batteries and are extremely handy, warming devices required for irrigation warming and facilitate intravenous application.

Heads of Opto Circuits (India):

The managing body of Opto Circuits (India) Limited includes significant personalities like Vinod Ramnani, who is presently the M.D. of the company. Thomas Dietiker assisted Vinod Ramnani in the establishment of the company, added new products in the product list of the company, and maintained target marketing. Mr. Jayesh Patel is involved in the research and development section whereas Mr. V. Bala Subramaniam and Mr. Rajkumar Raisinghani look after the resources as well as operations of Opto Circuits (India) Limited. The different departments of the company are headed by functional heads. The human resource department is led by M.V. Nagaraj, the new product and development department is headed by Ashwin Khemani, the design and engineering department by B. Saravanan, the research and development by Ramachandra Babu H, finance department by M.Srinivas, and Brig. Harish Marwah is responsible for the personnel and operations department. The other important persons of the board of Opto Circuits (India) Limited include Usha Ramani, Dr. Anvay Mulay, Suleman Merchant, and Dr. William Walter O' Neill.

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