India Weaving Industry

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India weaving industry has conventionally been one of the most promising sectors of huge employment. In fact, after agriculture, this industry is largest provider of work force. The abundance in the raw materials, the continuous supply of cheap work force is the contributing factors behind the success of the weaving industry of India. However, the liberalization of the international trade coupled with change in the reforms of domestic economy, have made affected the weaving industry of India negatively.

Present Scenario of Indian Weaving Industry

Despite the fact that the Indian weaving industry employs a large section of the Indian population, it is considered as a failing industry. Though this ancient industry of India is experiencing a bad phase, a large market for weaving products still exist both in the international and domestic market. The manufacturing of the weaving products makes a remarkable contribution to the national GDP and even in the exports revenue.

As per studies, it has been found out that the weaving industry of India provides employment to approximately 12.5 million people, thereby, making this industry the largest provider of rural work force. It is preceded by the agriculture sector.

Over 38, 00,000 weaving industries have been built throughout India, and more than 15, 00,000 domestic weaving industries have been set up in the states of North and Eastern parts of India. On the other hand, the southern states also have their huge share of weaving industries, for example, the southern state of Andhra Pradesh houses some 3, 20,000 weaving industries. Most of these industries are situated in Chirala, Pedana, Polavaram, Mangalagiri, Pochamapali, Ponduru, Dharamvaram, Narayanpet, Puttapaka, Madhavaram, Emmiganur and Gadwal. Along with these centers, the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh also have numerous centers for weaving. All these sectors are engaged in the production of unique varieties of weaving products. Both the weaving sectors of northern and southern India are engaged in the weaving production for the domestic market only.

Estimates over the years have found out that the weaving industry are supporting some 32 other sectors that include marketing, financial, transportation, hotels and even maintenance services.

The weaving industry in India has self-depending mechanism that includes training the young weavers, abundance of resources and capacities, thereby, helping the industry not to be dependent on the Government. In addition, weaving is eco-friendly, and is aimed at the cutting back on the environmental impact.

India Weaving Industry - Market Players

Some leading Indian companies engaged in the India weaving industry are:
  • Jai India Weaving Mills Private Limited: Dealing with manufacturing and exporting of weaving products.
  • Vardhaman Spinning: Manufacturer and exporter of weaving products
  • Arvind Mills: Manufactures and trades weaving products
  • Advance Syntex Pvt. Ltd.: Manufacturer of weaving products
Future Scenario

It is estimated that the weaving industry in India will grow by 25% to over 35 million tons by the year 2010. The Indian weaving industry will maintain its growth throughout 2010. Apparel being the mostly used woven products is expected to expand its market in the international arena as well.

Last Updated on 05 Jully 2011