Agriculture in India Planning

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Agriculture in India Planning is one of the major factors for the growth of the Indian economy which is still primarily agrarian.

Agriculture is the most important sector in India. As the Indian economy is mainly based on agriculture, the annual output of products from the agricultural sector is an important factor in the growth of the economy. Agriculture also has a crucial role to play in Indian exports, where it has a significant contribution. Many of the industries in India are dependent on agriculture for raw materials. So, without agriculture and agriculture-based products, the Indian economy cannot sustain or accelerate its growth rate.

Agriculture Planning in India is a very important tool to enhance and maximize the total agriculture based produce. The planning in agriculture is mainly looked after by the Planning Commission of India which operates and executes under the aegis of the government of India. Agriculture in India planning takes into account all factors that are related to the rural sector where most of Indian agriculture originates. The sole objective of the Planning Commission in terms of Agriculture Planning in India is to enhance the total output of agriculture and boost the economic growth of the country.

The major objectives under Agriculture in India Planning:

  • Wastelands and underutilized lands to be utilized
  • Development and reclamation of problematic lands
  • Harvesting the abundant rainwater for the purpose of irrigation
  • Irrigation development
  • Utility and conservation of natural resources
  • The activities to be diversified to high value crops
  • The intensity of cropping to be increased
  • To have adequate inputs on time
Area of expansion under Agriculture in India Planning:

  • Improvement in production
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Reduction in the cost of production
  • Improvement in quality of the produce
  • Value additions
  • Promoting marketing and exports of the produce
  • Development in Human resource
  • Provision of proper storage facilities like store houses and warehouses
The projections under the Agriculture in India Planning:

  • Growth in the Indian Agriculture is based on resources being used efficiently and conservation of natural resources
  • Growth must be equal in all the levels of the society including the farmers
  • Growth will be demand and export oriented
  • Growth will be due to the technological advancements
  • Growth rate is projected to be more than 4%

Last updated on 4/28/2011