Infrastructure in India Planning

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Infrastructure in India planning is a recent development which was ushered in with the setting up of the committee on infrastructure (CoI) on 31st August, 2004. A sub-committee has also been set up on 16th May, 2005 in order to assist the committee and its functioning.

The various objectives of the committee on infrastructure for infrastructure planning in India are:

  • To make polices that lead to the creation of infrastructure that is of world class standard
  • To monitor the progress of the various infrastructure projects in order to see that they are completed on time
  • To make such polices that maximize the private- public partnership role in the infrastructure field
The various sectors in which the committee on infrastructure is planning infrastructure in India are:

  • Ports
  • Highways
  • Power
  • Railways
  • Telecoms
  • Airports
The India infrastructure planning has taken place in various sectors of which ports infrastructure planning deserves a special mention. A program called the National Maritime Development had been launched under which over Rs 50,000 crore will be invested in order to develop the ports infrastructure. All the 12 major ports in the country will be developed so that they attain international quality standards. In India, the planning of infrastructure has also been done in the highways sector. The golden quadrilateral, which is 5,900 km long, is being developed as a four-lane project. The North-South East-West (NSEW) corridor is also a four-lane project and is expected to be concluded by December, 2009. In the power sector, the planning of infrastructure India has also been done.

Infrastructure planning in India has been done in the railways sector. With an investment of ` 22,000 crore, freight corridors are to be built in the eastern and western routes. Infrastructure in India planning has also been done in the telecom sector. In the airport sector of the infrastructure planning in India, significant development is also being made. In Hyderabad and Bangalore, international green field airports are coming up and the Mumbai and Delhi airports are also being modernized.

Infrastructure in India planning has led to the modernization of the country and has also given a boost to the Indian industry.

Last updated on 4/28/2011