India Planning Commission

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India Planning Commission was set up in March, 1950 by the resolution of the Indian government. The Commission for India Planning was established in order to bring about a steady and swift rise in the living standards of Indian citizens.

The government sought to uplift the condition of India's teeming millions by exploiting the country's rich resources (natural and otherwise) efficiently, providing employment opportunities to all, and by increasing the production levels in the agricultural as well as industrial sectors.

The various functions of India Planning Commission are:

  • To assess the country's resources
  • To formulate 5 year plans that make an effective use of the country's resources
  • To determine national priorities and allot resources to the plans
  • To decide the machinery required to make the plans successful
  • To make appraisals of the plans periodically in order to check their progress
The composition of the India Planning Commission has changed a lot since its inception. At the head is the Prime Minister of the country who acts as the ex-officio chairman. The India Planning Commission has a deputy chairman who is nominated and the cabinet members who act as part- time members. The full-time members of the Indian Planning Commission are experts from various fields such as industry, science, general administration, and economics.

In 1951, the 1st 5 year plan was announced and the then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru was the chairman of that India Planning Commission. Till 1965, 2 consecutive 5 year plans had been formulated. After that, there was a pause in the launch of 5 year plans in India due to the Indo-Pakistan war. Again, in 1969, the 4th five year plan was launched and by 1992, the 8th five year plan was started. In all these 8 plans emphasis has been laid on the public sector, with huge investments being made in heavy and basic industries. But in 1997, with the launch of the 9th five year plan, the emphasis shifted from the public sector and became more indicative in nature.

India Planning Commission has helped in the better utilization of the country's resources for the common good of the citizens. The Planning Commission is considered by many as the backbone of the country's progress and all-round development.

Last updated on 4/28/2011