Tourism Planning in India

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Tourism planning in India started quite late with the first tourism policy being announced by the Government of India in November, 1982 after tourism was recognized as an industry by the Planning Commission of India in June, 1982.

In July, 1986 the Planning Commission of India set up the National Committee on Tourism in order to formulate plans for this sector. The government's initiatives of incorporating a planned tourism sector in India went a long way in boosting Indian tourism.

In May, 1992 the National Action Plan for tourism was announced. The objectives of this landmark plan for tourism planning in India were:

  • To improve the economy category domestic tourism
  • To develop the tourist areas socially and economically
  • To preserve the environment and the national heritage
  • To encourage international tourism
  • To improve in world tourism India's share
  • To increase opportunities for employment in this sector
India tourism planning increased with the seventh five year plan India (1985-1989). The various polices advocated by the seventh plan for tourism planning in India are:

  • To promote aggressively domestic tourism
  • It laid stress on creating more beach resorts
  • To conduct conferences, trekking, conventions, and winter sports so that various options are available to the foreign tourists
These polices of the seventh five year plan gave a boost to the tourism planning India. To further encourage tourism planning in India, the eighth five year plan (1992- 1997) mentioned that the private sector should increase its participation in the sector. The various polices advocated by the eighth plan for tourism planning in India are:

  • To develop the tourists places
  • To develop winter sports, beach resort, and wildlife tourism
  • To restore the projects of national heritage
  • To provide in tourists centers economy class accommodation
Tourism planning in India has increased by leaps and bounds in the last few years and the government and Department of Tourism needs to make continuous efforts to ensure that tourism planning in India takes the tourism sector of the country to greater heights on a sustainable basis.

Last updated on 4/28/2011